Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Sorry I didn`t write last week! it was a holiday and the computer
house was closed... so we used the computers in the mission office and
no one told me it was just for a short amount of time... so I didn?t
have any time to write... haha.

BUT ANYWAY. In these two weeks two major things happened.

FIRST: remember Thayná and André?? The two kids that were baptized
last month? Their dad, Silvio, was addicted to drugs and we think he
used to sell drugs too (but he wasn?t selling drugs anymore)- two
weeks ago he got in a fight with someone who used to buy drugs from
him and the person had a knife and stabbed Silvio 3 times and Silvio
started to run away and fell in the middle of the road and died. The
saddest part is that André was one of the first people to see Silvio
in laying in the road. He was a SUPER good dad for Thayná and André,
and he always listened in to our lessons- we had to hope that he would
have the desire to change and be baptized too. But all of this made me
super thankful that we found Thayná and André and we able to teach
them and that they were baptized. Last Sunday during fast and
testimony meeting they both wanted to bear their testimonies and
wanted to say something about their dad, so they told me what they
wanted to say and I wrote it down on a piece of paper in ``testimony
form`` and they both bore super sweet testimonies. They know that
families can be eternal and they know where their dad is at which is
helping them cope a ton. I?m so so so so grateful to be here on a
mission to be able to help others gain this knowledge!! it seriously
is the best!

SECOND: Joabe, He is SUPER ready and knows everything about the church
but he would not accept a baptismal date. BUT Tuesday when we were
teaching him he asked if we had talked to the Gospel Principals
teacher about him and that he wasn?t ready to be baptized (we really
didn?t say anything to her), because at church she went up to him and
started talking to him about how much he knows about the gospel and
whatnot and we were just listening to him in shock. haha and then he
said ``so I will be baptized...`` and I basically jumped out of my
seat in excitement and then he said ``...on October 10`` BUT finally
he accepted!!!! it was super cool how he got his response and he just
kept saying how incredible it was that the spirit told the Gospel
Principles teacher to say those things to him. It was super cool!!

And that was my two weeks. I didn?t break any more sinks, nor spill
water on anyone, so it was a good two weeks!!!

OH also, my companion got her mission call!! She got called to the
Brazil, Fortaleza west mission!! and she reports to the MTC September
30- she?s only gonna have 15 days to get everything ready!! But she?s
super excited!!! :)
thanks for all the emails and the love!

tchau tchau!!

-Sis Lloyd

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