Wednesday, December 31, 2014

tchau tchau 2014

CHRISTMAS was awesome!! i got to talk to my family, cried the whole time, but it was awesome!!!! then we had some activities like ping pong, and weird games with ties and then a big group of people played ninja attack or whatever that game is and i was like only sister that was playing... haha it was very difficult in a skirt which is the only reason i didnt win.
on friday we went poselyting.... in the real world!!! well a park.. with homeless people. but still, it was crazy/awesome/scary! sister bunker was talking to this one guy then i realized he was drunk and i got a super sketchy feeling then he grabbed sister bunkers hand and tried to kiss her!! i grabbed her and pulled her away so fast!! but then we talked to this one guy who was really cool and really perceptive and gave him a book of mormon and everything! it was awesome (besides me looking like i took a shower from all the sweat....)
oh and also last week elder bench told me that irmao mello liked my instructor and so before we went proselyting i asked her if she had a boyfriend and she just laughed and was like "i know what you know" and so the next day before class we made her sit in the middle of the room and we could ask her any question about it as long  as it was in portuguese. hahaha but theyre dating and its so cute and elder summers asked about their first kiss and she went bright red. hahaha and it was in front of the CTM when they were leaving work. haha later that night irmao mello came in to help us so me s. bunker, s,robins and s,walker were questioning him too and he remembers EVERY SINGLE date that things happened between them it was so cute! and we helped him plan dates and it was awesome and it was a great way to practice portuguese ;) haha but when we first brought it up to him irmao mello goes "grrr elder bench!" then pretended to shoot himself, but then he was a good sport about it. :)
okay we also do this thing called TRC which is like recorded lessons that we have to go back and watch (its torture) but some of the elders in my district didnt know that we were teaching a memeber and so they were teaching about baptism hahahaha and at one point e. starnes pulls out his preach my gospel to read the baptism invite and e. groom stops him and then asks the member if hes been baptized and he member goes "yeah ive been a member my whole life" hahahaha theyre faces were priceless! haha its the best thing ever.
OH also the other night when i went into my room guess who was shaving their legs in the sink?? MY ROOMMATE! haha and i just pointed and was like "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" and then we laughed and bonded.
then they left on tuesday at 4 am.... and woke me up then i fell back aslleep then later i kinda woke up and thought "hmm... seems like a long time ago that they left..." then i jolted up and grabbed my alarm clock..... 7:40... i basically flew to the light switch and punched it and yelled "SORRY SISTER!! BUT ITS 7:40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" talk about an adreneline rush.
but i felt so refreshed yesterday, it was quite nice.
tchau tchau!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


... in summer... its weird. i dont feel like christmas is tomorrow at all.. haha but anyway! last week my beautiful mother got me a pizza party at mr. cheneys!!! woop woop! and it was american pizza!!! ha my district loved me. and this guy came up and was like "pizza is not allowed in here... who is responsible?" and so naturally s. bunker and i pointed at elder ferries and then the guy got really close to elder ferries and in english goes "im gonna break your freaking neck." haha it was so hilarious. later s. bunker and i ran into that same guy on the street and talked to him for awhile, apparently on his mission he was companions with mr. cheney!! how cooL!
we got new roommates this week and they speak ZERO englihs... which is good cause it pushes us to speak more portuguese but the other day s. bunker was in the shower andd i really really needed to shower (shave my legs haha) and then both of the brazilian roommates told me they were going to shower so i decided just to shave my legs in the sink.... appearently brazilians thnink thats really weird... they both came over and just watched me shave my legs and then they started talking super fast portugues and then just stared at me again so i looked up at them and one of them started sucking on her juice box and started looking around the room... haha yeah they were definitely making fun of me.... also one of their alarms goes off EVERY SINGLE MORNING at 6 and then they dont get up until mine goes off at 6:30.. and we dont know how to ask them polietly why.. haha its awful.
while doing actividade fisica the other day (best part of every day. my volleyball skills are out the roof these days.) a cockroach fell FROM THE CEILING!!!!!!!!!!! ugh i just got the heebie jeebies thinking about it..... alsoo i basically talk about pokemon every day here.... its crazy how many people bring it up.. hahahaha one kid even wore pikachu socks the same day i wore my pokemon shirt... marz would be so proud.
also this week every time e. groom would walk passed s. bunker and i hed whisper "calcao de banho" and wouldnt tell us what it meant and then yesterday he made us each give him two compliments (another moment marz wlould be proud of..) and then he told us... it means swimming trunks...
when we taught jose the other day, we were teaching about the plan of salvation and the atonement and such and then he goes "wait... how can i use the atonement in my life??" and i just got a huge smile and we talked about that and then BATISMO!!!! boom! it was such an awesome experience!
haha funny story, yesterday s. bunker had to run up to our room to grab a tampon so she pulled out our room key and the instructor in the room goes "uh you cant go to your room right now..." and we were like "um no its an emergency!!" and he kept being like "what i dont understand blah blabh" so were trying to explain women problems in portugues and then in english he goes "im kidding. i totally know what youre saying." hahaha it was so embarrassinly funny.
also look up the video "a expiacao e a obra missionaria" its in english im pretty sure... at least it was for us... but its good and i cry my eyes out every time...
sis lloyd

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Okay so my investigator Guilherme is actually my instructor irmao severo... hahahaha and severo means severous in english, like severous snape. we made fun of him for that. but he served in Cuiaba!!! he loved it and told me a story about how him and his companion saw a huge spider and went to take a picture of it and they poked it with a stick and then it unfolded and was twice as big as they thought....... GREAT. whenever i tell someone im going to cuiaba they just say VERY HOT!! and fan themselves. haha and one guy last night told me cuiaba has two temperatures, hot and very hot. at lunch when i told some of the natives where i was serving they started pointing at the black napkin holder and then their skin.... haha tan lines.
i had to go to the bathroom the other day and when i got in there i found out i had my pajama bottoms on under my skirt still... that basically sums up how it is here.... haha jk its actually pretty fun!! weve been teaching two new investigators, beta, and jose. and theyre pretty cool. beta is very very sad and when we were teaching her, about the priesthood and why she needs to be baptized by the right authority, she asked if theyre was a scripture about that and i was actually studying it that morning so i started flipping through and i went to d&c 22 but it was my portuguese scriptures and so i couldnt read anything and i was scared it was wrong so i didnt read it..... and then after i checked in my english scriptures and it was what i was looking for.... i was so mad! but it was a cool to experience the holy ghost working through me! itll be cooler once i can understand portuguese.. haha
Irmao mello told us we have to dear john english... hahaha it was so funny. and irma blancho made us go on a fast from english for 24 hours and that was the quietest 24 hours ive ever lived. but after the fast was over irma blancho was doing a demonstration of teaching an investigator and e. ferries was the investigator and he stood up to fix his pants during it and at the exact moment he did it, the speakers made a fuz sound and it sounded like his pants ripped and he went bright red and sat back down and crossed his legs and the rest of us were trying so hard not to laugh because irma blancho didnt hear it so she had no clue and she just kept teaching but oh my gosh it was so difficult not to laugh and then e. ferries let out a little laugh and irma blancho asked what was wrong and he goes "uh... i think i ripped my pants" hahahahaha i lost it. it was so funny...
also on sunday connor was giving me riddles and he gave me one and i couldnt figure it out and then s. bunker and i went to take a nap (how cool is that) and i was laying there for like 5 minutes and then i jolted up and gasped super loud and s. bunker was like "WHAT!!!" and i just went "THE RIDDLE!!! I KNOW THE ANSWER!!" and boom. i was right. and now connnor is gone and i have no one to give me riddles so now i actually have to focus.. haha jk.
its crazy this is my 3 week here... the days feel so long but the weeks go by fast. its weird.
okay tchau tchau!!! much love

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

portuguese, portuguese, PORTUGUESE!!!

oi!! i feel like i put my brain in a blender then stuck it back in my head!! haha its insane how much ive learned in a week though! my companion and i had to teach an investigator, in portuguese, our SECOND day here!! we had everything written down including responses to questions we thought he might ask. haha the first lesson we taught was 5 minutes long and we didnt even let him ask questions... we just got up and went "TCHAU!!!" hahaha the next night it was much better except as we were waiting for our investigator, guilherme, some native elders came up and asked if we were going to teach and how long weve been here and so i told them and then showed them how we basically have a script of how the lesson is going to go and the elders were laughing so hard!! it was sad but funny. on monday night we taught guilherme again and we had decided what to teach and hadnt written anything and all of a sudden this lady came in and told sister bunker and i to go teach him... uh... WHAT!!!! NO SCRIPT???! yeah we were praying hard, on the way to guilhermes room we ran into connor and his companion and told them to pray for us too. haha but the lesson actually went really well!! and he asked me about the plan of salvation and we had the little pamphlet booklet thing so i just read the definition from there and then guilherme goes "explain it in your own words." thanks guilherme. but it was a way cool experience.
we have one teacher that comes and checks up on us while were studying and we call her "irma nao feliz" because she just gets mad at us and so elder groom decided he would "declare war" on her next time she came in and he did and it was soooo funny! she loosened up and they were fake fighting and she called him elder fofos (soft\fluffy) and she even cut out cute little christmas pictures for our little tiny district christmas tree that elder fairbanks mom sent with him... hahah its so cute we each made little paper ornaments of the state where we live and it has lights and everything.
my district is way cool!! i love them all!! sometimes they get a little crazy and not focused (the elders of course) and then teachers have to come yell at them and then it just gets crazy. ha but theyre a lot of fun and actually last night one of the elders had a panic attack because everyone around him was speaking portuguese and he couldnt understand them and it really freaked him out but the zone leaders came in and talked to us and reassured us and stuff and then elder starnes (our district leader) gave him a blessing and it was really cool and spiritual!!!
the food all tastest the same.... and they serve two types of meat with every meal.... that sure sounds like the word of wisdom. dad wouldnt survive. haha but they have SUPER good, ripe fruit!! i eat it all day every day. hahaha one day sister bunker and i were taking our trays to the dishwasher people and these elders were pointing at us and talking so we kind of slowed down and then one goes "OH SHE STEPPED ON IT!!" so we started looking near our feet and shifting around and sister bunker STEPPED ON A COCKROACH!! hahahaha it was so gross. ive seen a lot of them too. before devotional the other night there was one on the wall and sister hale (not sure who she is but she just helps around the mtc) just took her shoe off and slapped the heck out of it and then as she puts her shoe back on she goes "not on my watch..." haha it was way funny.
i was called to be the sister training leader in my district!! its not as fancy as it sounds, i just make sure everyones quiet at 10 and have to lock the laundry room at 10. but its good i like it. uuhhhhh yeah thats basically all thats happened this week. this morning we went to the temple and its BEAUTIFUL!!!! and luckily the session was in english! and after this i get to go walk around outside!! im very excited.
okay well talk to you all later! love you all!
sis lloyd

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I made it!!! whew!! what a lonnnnngggg day on airplanes..... also, any cold i tried to bring with me disappeared within the first 5 seconds of landing.... then the sweat began. haha gross. when we got to the MTC elder ross was hanging out the window so that was pretty neat! my companion is sister bunker, the one who's mom came up to us at the airport!! shes super sweet!! both flights i sat by elder summers.... he looks a lot like blake stevenson and sometimes it would really freak me out. when we landed we all got into this super hot van with some man and we drove a very long time to the MTC and lemme tell ya, MOTORCYCALISTS ARE CRAZY HERE!!!!! they just weave in and out of cars!! holy its scary!
i havent seen one of them without a helmet on. one even had a huge picture of Jesus on the back of his helmet... theyre still crazy though. also on the way to the MTC sister Robins asked if i had a bag and i asked why and one of the elders was gonna throw up.. and he did... but luckily someone passed him a bag before he spewed all over the bus floor. So far the MTC has been nice! the one hour ive been here... haha i didnt sleep much on the plane and my whole bum was numb by the end so i had trouble standing up.... hehe
theres about 10 elders to 4 sisters that flew in with me today and all of them are super cool!! and i have an official nametag!!!! with a little blue sticker on it so people know im fresh. after we email, we're going to lunch..... im excited i think. also sao paulo is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and theres huge apartment buildings everywhere!!!!!!!! but theres also a lot of green which i love. (mom would too... haha)
oh and i dont understand anyone...... good thing sister bunker is from utah too!! we both just stare blankly at people when they try to talk to us... hahaha its pretty funny. hopefully we'll learn fast!
thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and kind words for me\us!!
sis lloyd
ps. mom hows indie
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Last day in Utah

What better way to spend your last day before your mission than going to the temple with your best friend?! No one was around to take the picture so we took a picture of each other and put the pictures together, hahaha looks pretty good besides the double moroni. hahahaha

Then I spent the rest of day with family and these cool cats. 

creepin mom...

feelin the love..

Monday, September 15, 2014

Endowment Day

On September 11, I had the opportunity to take my endowments out in the Brigham City temple. It was an amazing experience!! Although most my family couldn't make it, I was glad to have my parents and Brea there with me. I know this gospel is true and it brings eternal happiness; I'm excited to teach and bring people to this gospel.

Brea is leaving me soon to serve the people in the Czech/Slovak mission. This makes me sad because she has 29 days left and I have 78. This makes me happy because going on missions is the absolute best thing we've decided to do. I can't wait to go through many more temples with her before she leaves. God speed miss Stokes!

Called To Serve