Monday, October 26, 2015

Transfers and Lice

Today is transfers!! I`m going back to Campo Grande and my new companions are gonna be Sister Jordan and another Part Time missionary!! Im super excited! I love Campo Grande (Cuiabá is a little on the hot side... haha) But ill definitely be sad to leave all of the people that i love here in Cuiabá.

Also, our 10 year old recent convert has lice and we didnt know about it until the primary president told us that she saw something suspicious in her hair.. so we asked her and she said it was true and so the next day i had sister monteiro look in my hair to see if she passed it to me and......................... positive. so this week was a battle against me and the bugs in my hair but im happy to say i came out victorious and am now lice free :)

also i found a scripture that i like a lot... 1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
(this part is talking about the spirits that are of satan and influence people to not believe in Christ)

As children of God, we have divine atributes and heavenly help. Because of this and because we already chose the plan of Heavenly Father in the pre-existance, we have already overcome the spirits that followed satan. We need not fear because the spirit that is within us, it greater than the spirits that are in the world.
never forget your divine nature!!!!

thanks for all the love and all the support!!!

love you all!!!


-Sis Lloyd


Monday, October 19, 2015

The Work Goes On

First off, sorry the email last week was short... my mind literally went blank while i was written.

But anyway, I forgot to tell you all about Joabe!! so it was about a week before his baptism and we were teaching him and after the lesson, Irmão Jeronimo (his girlfriends dad) said ``yeah its too bad we wont have a baptism next week.`` and my eyes almost popped out of my head and I basically screamed ``WHAT?!`` and Joabe told us that he is wanted to wait a little longer but he wouldnt tell us why. So the next week (week of his baptism) we visited him again to see what was going and it turns out that theres a commandment that he isnt quite ready to live and after we explained about the atonement and read some verses with him he told us that he thinks its better if we give him some space for awhile for him to think about what he really wants. So thats where we´re at with Joabe.

and now Rodrigo.... we taught him the Restauration again (he has lots of questions about priesthood and Joseph Smith) and after the lesson we explained a little more in depth about the Holy Ghost and how we recieve answers to our prayers and we told him he`ll feel peace and whatnot and then he goes ``one time i had a dream and i felt super peaceful during it..... i was standing the middle of a lot of water`` and my companion screamed. hahaha it was super funny. But it truly is amazing how much the Lord has been preparing Rodrigo to recieve the Gospel. We´re working with him to be baptized on october 31. :0

Thanks for all your love and support!!

love you all!

-Sis Lloyd

Monday, October 12, 2015


IM 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow my birthday was super good!!!! i even had a surprise party :) we ate tacos and had american cake. then when we got home we visited our recent converts, Matheus and Alexandre and left a message with them and then Matheus went to the fridge and came back with a cake that they made for me!! it was super good. i loved ever minute of my birhday. :) 

also this week there was a japonese festival and we went there to talk to people about the gospel and it was super cooL!!!! we talked to about 200 ´people about the gospel and what we do as missionaries. it was a super spiritual experience. 

and i seriously cant think of anything else that happened this week...... 

but i know this church is true and i LOVE being a missionary!!! 

thanks for everything!!! 

-Sister Lloyd

Monday, October 5, 2015


General Conference was amazing as always!!! It?s also so great to have
conference on, or near my birthday. I love hearing the talks of the
prophet and the apostles!! I love it.

One of my favorite talks was by Larry R. Lawrence. He talked a lot
about being humble and asking the Lord what we lack to reach our
potencial. And also that we need to be humble enough and have the
faith to follow the answer that we receive. I think I liked this talk
the best because as a missionary I?m always trying to be better, I?m
always trying to progress but sometimes when someone tells me
something that I could do to progress more, if it?s something that I
don?t want to do, I end up staying the same. The first part, asking
what I lack, I think I got down, but the part to follow the answer I
receive is the part that I?m forgetting.

There is always room to improve. We should never be satisfied with who
we are. ``couldst thou in vision see, thyself the man God meant, thou
never could then be, the man thou art, content.`` -Augustus Strong

Sorry this email is short. I don?t have much time. But I love you
all!!! thank you for your prayers and support.

Love, Sis Lloyd