Monday, October 5, 2015


General Conference was amazing as always!!! It?s also so great to have
conference on, or near my birthday. I love hearing the talks of the
prophet and the apostles!! I love it.

One of my favorite talks was by Larry R. Lawrence. He talked a lot
about being humble and asking the Lord what we lack to reach our
potencial. And also that we need to be humble enough and have the
faith to follow the answer that we receive. I think I liked this talk
the best because as a missionary I?m always trying to be better, I?m
always trying to progress but sometimes when someone tells me
something that I could do to progress more, if it?s something that I
don?t want to do, I end up staying the same. The first part, asking
what I lack, I think I got down, but the part to follow the answer I
receive is the part that I?m forgetting.

There is always room to improve. We should never be satisfied with who
we are. ``couldst thou in vision see, thyself the man God meant, thou
never could then be, the man thou art, content.`` -Augustus Strong

Sorry this email is short. I don?t have much time. But I love you
all!!! thank you for your prayers and support.

Love, Sis Lloyd

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