Monday, May 11, 2015


ANDERSON WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! ah it was so good!! his baptism was marked for 5 o´clock but at the church we had a lunch for mothers day and everyone was there and bishop welcomed everyone and then said ``and dont forget!! anderson will be baptized right after at 2 o´clock!!`` and we all just looked at each other super confused. haha but everything worked out and the baptism was at 2. haha. but seriously. theres NO better feeling than how strong the spirit is when the person being baptized comes out of the water. it seriously makes all the heat, sweat, sore feet, flying cockroaches, rejections, and dengue worth it. :) 

also this week, before andersons baptism we were reviewing everything and answering all of his questions and concerns and then all of a sudden this man that was working in the little conduminium where he lives was like ``um excuse me... could you come here for a moment... theres a man sleeping on the floor of this house.`` so anderson went there and woke up the man and he was drunk out of his mind but we just continued teaching and then the drunk guy wonders over to us and sits down and starts repeating everything sister camargo was saying. hahaha she was saying things like ``anderson. God loves you. hes gonna help you.`` ``YEAH DUDE!! Gods gonna help you, man!`` ``were praying for you anderson.`` ``DUDE! theyre praying for you!! youve got nothing to worry about! THEYRE PRAYING FOR YOU MAN!!!!`` hahahaha it was pretty funny. 

also this week we were teaching a lesson and we were sitting under a tree and there were birds eating the fruit of the tree and the birds kept spitting the food out and it would land on us, then in the middle of the lesson, you know, the part when its SUPER spiritual, all of a sudden something hits us and sister camargo goes ``ah, this time it was poo.`` yeah. we got pooped on IN THE MIDDLE OF A LESSON!! hahaha it was terrible. 

ALSO i talked with my family!! ah it was so good!!! :) i love them. and i talked with my brother in portuguese a little and everyone is happy and healthy!!! 


Sis Lloyd

also heres all my pics from this transfer and a couple from my 2nd transfer:

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