Monday, June 15, 2015

Lessons learned, and frozen toes

In our house we have 4 Sisters living there now, and the other day two
of them had a bit of a disagreement... and so the next day the other
Sister came into our room holding a shelf and she put pictures and
things inside and had a little box and said that this is now our
``Alter of Sacrifices`` and that every day we write on a paper one of
our weaknesses and put it in the box, or ``alter`` and during the day
we make the sacrifice to overcome that weakness. At first we all
looked at her like she was crazy, but decided to test it out, and
after a couple days and a couple group chats, we finally have peace
again in our house. I think we all learned a lesson or two about
forgiveness, and humility. Something everyone could use a little more
of.. lack of these attributes really cause a lot of unnecessary

Also this week Irma Iza just got better. I don't know why but for some
reason ALL of our money ran out and we had no food in our house. This
was on Thursday. AND Irma Iza gave us dinner every. single. night. She
seriously is our mom here!

Another thing is this transfer we´ve been working a lot with
in-actives, specifically one family that all the kids and the wife are
baptized; just the husband isn't. and they´ve been coming to church
every week for a month now and the husband, Reginei, is going to be
baptized next week!! It makes me so happy to see their family complete
at church. I know this gospel is true and that this family will be
sealed together forever. I love being a missionary!!

Also today it's freezing. and super hard to type with frozen fingers.

Thanks for all your love and prayers!! Love you all!!!

love, Sis Lloyd

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