Monday, June 22, 2015

sickness, little things, and forever families

this week was an exciting one.. wednesday night sister fernandes was dying of pain everwhere in her body and she felt like she was going to throw up, so we called our ward mission leader and he came and gave her a blessing- after he saw how sick she was he said ``im taking you to the hospital.`` BUT earlier in her mission, sister fernandes was robbed and her health card was in her bag... SO we had to go to a Public Health place where the Health care is free. so we get there and the waiting room is basically outside. right now its winter. and it was raining. and they made me wait there for sister fernandes with our ward mission leader and one of the young women. this was at about 11:30 at night. so we´re waiting, talking, freezing and whatnot then i grabbed our phone and looked at the time.... it was 3:00 IN THE MORNING!!! so we went to check on sister fernandes and she was laying on a bed with fluids hooked up to her and they told us we had to wait for ALL of the fluid to drain.... but luckily we left there at 3:30 and we got back to our house and sister fernandes slept the whole next day, and her poor arm was purple (the public health here really isnt the best...) BUT today shes almost completely better. :) 

so we stayed home tmost of this week so sister fernandes could rejuvinate and get better, and in our house lives 4 sisters, so one night we had a mini party surprise for the other sisters and i made teeny tiny cookies and we had teeny tiny plates and spoons. hahah one of the other sisters, sister corte, when we took of the blindfold, ate her cookie and then said ``haha okay guys, wheres the real food??`` haha it was super fun 

also this week we visited Reginei and taught him about the Word of Wisdom. and he told us that he has problems with coffee but that on sunday he totally forgot to drink his morning coffee and he said ``but nothing happened. so im gonna stop drinking it.`` haha it was pretty funny. but he is SO prepared and his whole family has been coming to church every sunday for the past month and a half!!  i know that families are of God and it is part of His plan for our families to be together makes me so happy to see all of them at church on sundays. ive been working with this family since my very first week in this area!!! 

and to finish it all off, today is transfers and i will be taking a 24 hour bus ride to cuiaba!!! Im super excited! :) but unfortunatly i will miss the baptism of Reginei, which is on the 25. (sister fernandes already promised to send lots of pics)

thanks for everything!! Love you all!

-Sis Lloyd

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