Monday, July 20, 2015

good ol´ cuiabá

WOW this week was a good one!!!! 

Alexandre... (i learned that his name is actually alexanDRE not alexanDER haha) we have to ask his mom for permission for him to be baptized... but alexandre said shes super closed and he doesnt know her address... but look how amazing Heavenly Father is!! we were teaching him about the Plan of Salvation and in the middle of the lesson his Step Dad came over and started talking to us and we asked him where he lives and he said ``im not from here.... im just passing by....`` (hes a little different) then he started quoting scriptures and me and sister castro finished the verses with him and then sister castro said ``thats exactly what we´re teaching your son right now!!!!`` so he gave us his address to visit him and his wife... SCORE!!!! 

also this week we had ``festa junina`` which is basically the 24 of July for Brazil. and there was a family there thats super awesome!!! theres a mom, and 3 boys that are 14, 12 and 10. we visited them on saturday and taught the restauration and after sister castro asked if they would come to church with us on sunday, and one little boy that´s 12 responded ``LOGICALLY!!!`` hahaha it was super funny. BUT sunday morning came around and we went to their house and knocked and knocked and called and called and no one answered. :( so we visited them after church and she said that everyone slept through the morning but that they´ll be there next week!! they are super sweet. i already love them. 

also the sun here is so strong (im using sun screen, dont worry) that my hair is turning white. everyday it gets lighter and i have streaks of white. I can´t wait for summer here!! hahaha

its so amazing to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. Im so so so happy to be here. even if the sun is dying my hair. :)

and thats about all the excitement this week!!! 

love you all!!! thanks for all your support. 

-Sis Lloyd

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