Monday, July 6, 2015

Preparing the next generation

this week was awesome!! we taught a bunch of Mateus´ friends (the 14 year old that was baptized last week) and we had planned to watch the restauration video but we forgot it and i looked at sister castro and said ``do you have faith??`` and then we opened the dvd player and what dvd was in there??? the restauration!! haha but then the TV wouldnt work and sister castro just looked at me and whispered ``the devils workin hard... we have an elect in the room..`` so we just shared a scripture and our testimonies and then one of Mateus´ friends, alexander, said he wants to be baptized. and alexander lives super close to our house (hes practically our neighbor) and sister castro told me that he lives with his grandma and she REALLY wants him to be baptized in another church and she´s super strict (she´s already yelled at us once. haha)- SO we prepared a lesson for her to realize the importance of baptism and that alexander wants to be baptized, etc. SO we walk up to the house and his grandma comes out and just starts talking and she said ``alexander is going to his moms this weekend but told me he doesnt want to because he wants to go to church on sunday because he wants to be baptized in THIS CHURCH. so i want you guys to come here more often and help him prepare and ill make us all snacks, okay?`` and i literally just stood there with my mouth open. 

and yesterday we were teaching a bunch of youth and alexander was there and he said ``one day i´ll be an elder.`` and one of the young women that was with us said `´but you´re not even baptized!`` and then he stood up and said ``YEAH!! IM GONNA BE BAPTIZED!!!!!........ sisters... whens my baptism??`` hahaha it was super funny. 

Almost ALL of our investigators are youth. sister castro and i are convinced that in 5 years somethings gonna happen and the Lords gonna need a lot of strong missionaries. 

I am so greatful for this gospel!!! i know it is true with all of my heart!! everyday on my mission something has happened that makes my testimony grow even more. a mission is the best thing in the world. 

much love

-Sis Lloyd

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