Monday, April 11, 2016

This week we had an experience that was pretty funny.

So, we were in a neighborhood that?s pretty far away from our house
and we went to our first appointment, and she wasn?t there. So we
started walking to our next appointment and it started raining. Then
it started raining a bit harder. Then a rock entered in Sister Lopes´
shoe and cut her foot. The cut was made on a part SUPER sensitive on
the foot and she was no longer able to walk. So we knocked on the door
of the house that was closest to us. The lady came out to the gate and
Sister Lopes said ``A rock cut my foot and I can?t walk anymore... do
you have a bandaid??`` and the lady looked super scared and said
``look. You need to go to the hospital!! but ill see what I can
find.`` and she went back inside. 5 minutes passed and nothing......
10 minutes, still nothing...15 minutes and finally the ladies husband
comes out to the gate and said ``what happened with your foot?!!``
Sister Lopes explained and he opened the gate and saw that we were
missionaries and asked what church we were from. We told him and then
he said ``wait just a minute`` and went back inside. Then a couple
minutes after the lady poked her head out the door and said ``hey! you
guys can enter!`` All this time passed with us standing there in the
rain. haha but anyway, so we enter, she helped with Sister Lopes´ foot
and sent her husband to buy us food and then afterwards we taught them
the Restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon. It was amazing!! Then
as we were leaving, the lady saw that Sister Lopes was limping a
little and offered to give us a ride back home, so we accepted, and on
the way home she explained to us that she thought we wanted to rob her
and that she wasn?t gonna come back out but saw that we weren?t
leaving so she sent her husband out to talk with us and she said her
husband came back in and said ``look they´re Mormons... i don?t think
they?re gonna do any harm`` and she was still suspicious and said that
she had everything planned to knock us out when we entered. Hahaha it
was super funny.

There could not have been a better way for us to have found and taught
this amazing family.

Everything happens for a reason. Even things as small as a rock in your shoe.

Love you all!

Sis Lloyd

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