Monday, April 4, 2016


I love general conference. I have always loved it but there is nothing like being a missionary watching general conference. I literally felt like a sponge soaking up every word, every feeling that when it ended I felt like it had just begun. 

I LOVED all the talks. 

Now for the experience of the week! We went to teach someone that we met on the bus, so we get to his house and before we enter Sister Lopes looks to me and says ``can you share the scripture?`` so I agreed and we entered.... to find out that both of his parents are Pastors from another church, and they both wanted to listen to the message we had. During the opening prayer 2 thoughts went through my mind: Share the cute little scripture we had planned, or do something crazy. As Sister Lopes was ending the prayer I felt that I should do something crazy. SO after her prayer she calmly looked towards me to start the lesson, I calmly smiled, as I pulled out my Book of Mormon. Our lesson was completely lead by the spirit that we don´t even remember very well what we said. It was incredible. As we were explaining, the kid with whom we made the contact, started reading the Book of Mormon. His dad offered the closing prayer and said ``protect this two young ladies, because they have the truth.`` I dont really know if he understood the sincerity of that phrase but oh well. haha it was a super cool lesson and we totally felt like Alma and Amulek. 

2 Timothy 1: 7-8 
 ``For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
 Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord...``

Don´t be afraid to share your testimony. 

Love you all! Have a great week :) 

-Sis Lloyd

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