Monday, May 2, 2016

Letícia was baptized!!!

Little Letícia was baptized on saturday!! 

It was super special. She was scared because this week it cooled off a ton and the church doesnt have a water heater, so she was baptized in cold water. After her baptism, her sister asked if she was happy and without missing a beat, wrapped up in her blanket, she said ``NO!`` but yesterday as she was being confirmed a member, her smile from ear to ear told a different story. During sacrament, she asked me for a Book of Mormon to give to her cousin and started marking all of her favorite parts for him to read. She asked me what part to mark and I told her ``let him read this part and when he finishes you can mark another one```and she said ``but he lives far away! So we have to mark a lot for him to read!!`` It was so cute. She also has a piggy bank that shes started to save up her money to go on a mission. I love her to death!! 

Also, my companion Sister Lopes, was sick last week and this week too. She has a virus that is transmitted through misquitos, called Chikungunya. The virus causes a ton of pain in the joints and aches in the whole body. The virus also stays in your body for a year or a year and a half, and every month has some kind of symptom that attacks. The worst part is the sickness is new so the doctors don´t know exactly what to do to treat it. But we´re doing everything we can to treat it!  

So I dont have much more to share with you all. But I know that everything happens for a reason and that Heavenly Father is very mindful of all of our needs. He takes care of us in His time, and I know that His timing is perfect. 

Love you all!! 

-Sister Lloyd   

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