Monday, January 19, 2015


well i arrived in cuiaba safe and sound. and hot. very very hot. haha then we went to the mission home and met all these people and then i hopped on a bus.... FOR 11 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! to campo grande!!! luckily i was able to sleep during most of it...

my companion is sister pence and.... SHES AMERICAN!!!!!!!! ah i almost cried with joy when president reber told me that. shes awesome though. very hard working and loving, its perfect. she basically talks for me too. haha but brazilians are seariously so nice!!! i say ´obrigada` and they go off about how amazing my portuguese is. haha i actually had one girl ask me if i was british and her mom thought i was french because of my accent... it was pretty funny. also during one lesson the lady asked me to pray and i totally slaughtered her sons name... but the good news is i blessed the street. its rough. and i get really nervous and start to sweat (even more than i already am) whenever anyone speaks to me. hahah its awful. 

ive come to terms with the fact that im gonna be soaking wet every day either from the random rainstorms or from sweating. constantly. wet. oh also ive eaten rice and beans everyday and havent died!!! woo! seriously though i think thats all people eat here. also `everyone and their dog` has a whole new meaning.. theres dogs everywhere!! and on the way to church yesterday this little puppy hopped out of the bushes and started chasing us (he didnt make it all the way to the church since its an hour away...) and my feet are basically just two big blisters but tudo bem. :) haha i got rid of the dead skin on one blister and guess what? THERE WAS ANOTHER BLISTER UNDERNEATH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! why??? 

sister pence and i always look for any opprotunity to do any service, and so the other day there was this old lady carrying all these groceries and so we chased her down and sister pence yells ``CAN WE TEACH YOU??.... I MEAN HELP YOU?!´` and the lady looked really scared and was just like ``no, i dont need help!`` hahah we still laugh about it.

also at the beginning of the week we got a referal of a 13 yr old boy who i guess was saying he wanted to get baptized and so ALL week we were searching for him but he was never home because he was at his grandmas so later that week we found his grandmas house and he wasnt there... SO last night we prayed really hard that we would find him and guess what! WE DID! woop! he was home! and sister pence was like ``so i heard you wanna get baptized?`` and he said he was going to be baptized in either the catholic church or our church since his whole family is catholic and so sister pence was beautiful and said ``can we teach you more about our church so you can make a better decision?`` so we taught him and his two friends and his brother about the gospel and about baptism and all of them said theyd prepare to be baptized!! WOOP! except then vitor, the referal, said his mom wanted him to be baptized into the catholic church this week! no wonder satan was fighting so hard for us not to find him. but were going to visit them every day this week and keep our fingers crossed! 

but i love it here even if i cant understand anyone :)

tchau tchau!! 

sis lloyd

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