Wednesday, January 7, 2015


this week was pretty good!! the beginning of it started rough because the AC broke for a good couple days.. but then it got fixed and i was back to normal :) also theres a new district here of all brazilian elders ALL going to cuiaba the same day as me and every time they see me they fist pump and go "CUIABA!" its hilarious. and during choir the other night i heard a super quiet "cuiaba" so i turned around and one of the elders was like "HOW DID YOU HEAR THAT?!" and i just whispered "i always here cuiaba." but anyway their all hilarious and im glad i can somewhat communicate with them. haha
also we got new roommates this week and they both are 22 and make me feel like a giant!!!! theyre TINY!! but one of them is from Mato Grosso de Sul which is in the Cuiaba mission!! so she was telling me all about it and had me drink this weird drink and told me i was gonna drink it every day there. its basically plants and water... yum. OH also i had to bear my testimony in front of the whole CTM on sunday. in portugues. i felt like marz at maryannes wedding. (hahahaha) but the good news is my roommate told me she could understand every word i said so that was a relief!!
the best part of the day is physical activity. and theres a district thats been with us since we got here (they all left yesterday) and we had phyisical activity with them so it was awesome and we all were super good friends by the end. but anyway, one day this week before phyisical activity i was giving myself a pep talk in the mirror about my volleyball game and sister bunker did a little jig and sang "get your head in the game" while i was giving myself said pep talk. haha we laughed for awhile after that one. then during that same phyisical activity i was in the zone because of my peptalk so i was about to make the most amazing spike ever and two elders from the other district, elder silk and elder bench, were both going for the ball at the same time as me. i almost became a sandwhich and elder silk goes "oOHH!! you just had a brush with death sister!!!!" hahahahaha it was so funny.
another thing that happened, we usually have like "role play" teaching every day with our district and so s. walker was teaching e. summers about eternal families and such and she was in the middle of bearing his testimony and all of a sudden we heard like gun shots outside and e. summers eyes go huge and he goes "MINHA FAMILIA!!!" hahaha i was dying.
its crazy that this is my last week here!!! im freaking out!!
also apparently the "i love you" sign you make with your hands means "rock and roll" in brazil.
tchau tchau
sis lloyd

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