Monday, August 24, 2015

baptism, general authority, and everything in between

August 24, 2015

Sorry that I didn?t write last week, we went to a farm for P-day and I
didn?t have much time to write.

BUT last week we had 2 baptisms. Thayná and André, they´re siblings 10
and 9 years old.... teaching them was the hardest thing ever. THEY
DONT SIT STILL!!! but I love them to death. The other day I was
playing ball with André and he was super happy and he said to me
``this is so fun!!! no one has ever played with me before!`` their
family situation isn?t the best, but I am just so grateful that now
they have the gospel in their lives.

And this week, Elder Mazzagardi of the seventy, visited us!! It was
sweet! I learned a ton. Something he taught us that I found super
interesting is that exaltation and chastity are two things that go
together. and he talked about the importance of families and temple
marriage. One thing that I have noticed is the decrease of family
values. Almost no one is married here and there?s 12 year old girls
pregnant, or living with their boyfriends. With all of the youth that
we´ve been teaching, the biggest difficulty I?ve noticed is with the
law of chastity. It is super super sad.
Elder Mazzagardi said that this is why Satan is attacking families
so much... because living the law of chastity qualifies us for
exaltation. I am so grateful for the example of my parents and my
siblings of the importance of marriage and of families.
Also for this conference every single one the missionaries here in the
north came, and there was an elder that was in the MTC with me and
when he saw me he said ``wow sister!! you´re a little chubbier!!`` So
I don?t think I?ve lost those 8 kilos yet. haha

and that?s all that I can remember!!!

Thanks for everything, love you all!!

-Sis Lloyd

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