Monday, August 3, 2015

This week Alexandre and Brenda were baptized!!!!! 

Brenda was supposed to be baptized July 18 but on the 17 her aunt took her on a suprize trip so that postponed her baptism- BUT she came back and we made sure everything was good, and she was baptized :) Brenda is super awesome. she lives in a home that has a LOT of messed up things. She´s seen and been raised with things no one deserves to be around. and shes only 13 years old. when elder freire was interveiwing her, he said it was the hardest interview he´s had and that during the interview he had to give her a blessing. after her baptism she told us that she felt ``happy and light``. I know that now, she´ll change her life and her future. 

also this week i have divisions with..... SISTER CAMARGO!!!!! and it was her birthday so every house we went to, had cake. it was the best. and im another 8 kilos heavier!! 

aaaaaanndd.... thats all this week. 

tchau tchau!!! 

i love you all. 

-sis Lloyd

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