Monday, August 31, 2015


Last week a lady in our ward told us about someone she had for us to
teach, this week we went there to teach him and WOW. I have never seen
someone SO prepared to receive the gospel!! His name is Joabe, and we
taught him about the restoration and gave him the pamphlet. The next
time we taught him I asked if he had any questions about our last
visit and he goes ``yeah.. I was studying the pamphlet you gave me and
some of the questions at the end I was having a hard time
answering...`` before that moment I didn?t even remember that there
was questions at the end of the pamphlets. NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THEM!
But he is super ready and wants to know everything about the church.

He´s dating the daughter, Regiane, of the member, Irene, who gave us
the referral. And Regiane has a 2 year old daughter, and while we were
teaching him this week, the two year old came over and bit my wrist
super hard. haha it was red the whole next day... also this week I was
holding a water bottle in my arm pit and the water bottle didn?t have
a lid, and we were teaching an old lady, she was sitting and we were
standing, and when we finished I bent over to give her a hug and
DUMPED WATER ALL OVER HER!!! But luckily I?m in Cuiabá so she just
thanked me and told me she was wanting to cool off.... but needless to
say we haven?t gone back there..

and that was my week!

OH also this morning I broke our sink.

this week was a little rough. hahah

love you all!!!

-Sis Lloyd

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