Monday, December 14, 2015


CRISLAINE WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! It was super special! Even though now
she?s not in my area (the area split because now there?s two
companionships) I still count her as my recent convert!! haha

Also this week WE GOT NEW COMPANIONS!!!! Me and Sister Jordan stayed
in the area but now there?s two companionships and WE`RE BOTH
TRAINING!!!! I?m training Sister Nascimento, she?s from São Paulo and
she?s super super adorable!!! Sister Jordan is training Sister Sales,
she?s from Rio de Janeiro.
They´re super excited to work, that?s probably my favorite part about
new missionaries :)

BUT Sister Nascimento and I are opening a new area so we have 0
investigators. Luckily Sister Jordan let us keep Antônio. Speaking of,
he´s still reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and still has a ton
of questions. He studies a lot of philosophy and science so this week
he had a question about the word ``terrestrial`` because his knowledge
of the word is that it?s a place that has a lot of light, it?s
basically paradise; and so how we explained the word confused him so
we explained it like this; With our human eyes we can see all the
light of the moon but not of the sun. SO the terrestial kingdom is the
best place we could ever imagine... with our human minds. And like the
sun, we can?t even comprehend the light, the glory that the celestial
kingdom contains. And with that explanation he was satisfied. Haha

But that?s all the exciting news for this week!!! I can?t believe how
fast time is passing. I love my mission and I love the gospel!!!

Thanks for everything!!

love you all!

-Sis Lloyd

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