Monday, December 7, 2015


Wow I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! And I still dont have any idea how to be a missionary. 

This week we met someone super elect!!  His name is Antônio. Heres the story; So a member did visits with us for the whole day on Wednesday then she made us dinner and by the time we were done eating we had to fly outta there to get home on time, so as we were half running half speed walking a man stopped us to ask if there were english classes at the church and we told him there wasnt and then he asked ``but can you guys tell me more about this religion?? I dont know too much about it.`` so we explained to him about the Book of Mormon and gave one to him to read and marked with him to return on Saturday and he said `´When you guys visit me on Saturday ill tell you guys everything that happens in the first chapter.`` SO saturday rolls around and we go there and he just starts telling us everything about the introduction, about Joseph Smiths testimony and about 1 Nephi chapter 1. I was literally in disbelief!! And as we started talking to him about religion and found out that he has gone to a bunch of churches but just didnt feel right there and that lately he´s been feeling like he needs to belong to a church. Basically the whole lesson was super spiritual and my companion is skeptical that hes actually a member thats just pranking us. But we´ll see :) 

Also this week we were teaching Crislaine and she was home alone, and after the lesson she came outside with us to say bye and as we were talking the wind blew and her door slammed shut and locked, so we tried to break in a couple time with no luck. But little Lloyd just started picking that lock with a bobby pin like nobodies business and the door opened!!! I saved the day! 

I am so glad to be here at this time. I love my mission and I love this gospel!! 

love you all!! 

-Sister lloyd

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  1. dear sister lloyd:
    i'm so happy to meet you and i hope that the Heavenly Father bless you and sister jordan in this glorious job!
    obrigado, leonardo from Campo grande, brazil