Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas time!!


I love the christmas season. I was able to still feel the Christmas spirit without snow and sweating to death- something I didnt think was possible, but something that proves the Christmas spirit is in Christ and not in the decorations and the snow.

 On  Christmas Eve we went to the stake presidents house and ate dinner and watched 17 Miracles. Then after the movie we ate dessert and went home to sleep. Then Christmas we spent it at the Bishops house and TALKED TO OUR FAMILIES!!!! it was so good!! i loved every second of it!! :) We also got a christmas gift from our ward which was a whole bunch of food! it was the best thing ever. 

I love the priviledge that I have to help these people understand the purpose of our Savior and the love that He has for them individually. It´s like everyday gets to be Christmas :) 

-Sister Lloyd 

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