Monday, January 4, 2016



I can?t believe I spent all of 2015 in Brazil.... that?s weird to
think about. Our New Years was super good! We ate dinner at a members
house and then watched fireworks from our window, then on January 1st
it was an added P-day, so we went to the church and an Elder made us
pizza and it was raining (as always) so then we played in the rain and
then we had a water balloon fight! It was super super fun!

Also this week we were knocking doors and the first house we went to
we said the name of the church and the guy said ``hey! That?s
interesting... just this last week we went to a wedding and 2 people
from your church sat by us... they talked a little about their
religion and about a book that you guys use.`` So we asked if we could
explain more about the book and he let us right in, and called for his
wife and mother in law to listen to our message too. They were all
super interested! It was amazing to see how that little conversation
they had at the wedding had sparked their interest.

We should never lose an opportunity to share the gospel. God is
preparing the hearts of many but it is up to every single one of us to
spark their interest to know more.

I love the mission more than anything!!!!!!!!!

i hope you all have a fantastic 2016!!!!

Thanks for everything!!

-Sis Lloyd

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