Monday, February 22, 2016

Night of Goliath

This week we had an activity in our ward called the ``Night of Goliath`` and it was super funny! We did a bunch of little ``wars`` and talked about how life has a lot of ``Goliaths`` and how with the Lord on our side we are able to beat them all. This was our third and our best activitiy we´ve done in the ward! When it ended everyone went ``awwwwwwee man!!!`` and yesterday at church everyone was talking about how fun it was! Activities are an awesome way to make the ward more united and to help the investigators, recent converts, and less actives make friendships. I LOVE IT!! 

Also yesterday Camillas husband came to church!!! (the one Leticia asked to baptize her) He is super awesome! We´re gonna start working with him to be baptized in march so that he can baptize Leticia in April!! Its been so amazing to see the change happening in Camilla´s family. She deserves it all!! I love their family to death!! 

Last week at church, the stake institute teacher gave a talk and he said something that i liked a lot... 

Once there was a young man that went to get his hair cut, while he was there the hairdresser started talking about all the bad stuff in the world and said ``If God really existed, there wouldnt be all this bad in the world`` the young man thought about it and didnt respond the hairdresser right away, as he left he saw a homeless men on the side of the road with a beard super long and out of control, the young man took the homeless guy to the hairdresser and said ``if hairdressers really existed there would be people with beards like this!`` and the hairdresser was shocked and said ``what do you mean??? people have beards like this because they dont come to me to fix it.`` and the young man replied ``exactly. God DOES exist. And theres bad in the world because those people dont seek God to help them fix the bad stuff in their lives. God exists but YOU have to seek HIM.`` 

I love you all! 

have a great week!! 

-Sis Lloyd 

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