Monday, February 1, 2016

Live what you believe.

This week was another great one :) Sister Lopes was still pretty sick so me and Sister Rocha took turns staying with her, and going to their appointments with Sister Nascimento.

Also last sunday a less-active member came to church, Camilia, and she came up to us and said ``Sisters!! I have a daughter thats 10 and wants to be baptized.`` so on wednesday we went to her house, and remember last week when I we walked forever to visit Arthur?? Well Camilia lives EVEN FARTHER!!!!!!!!! So we took a bus and the ride took an hour and a half. hahaha but anyway, her family is incredible!! Camilia has been inactive for 5 years and said that over these 5 years her two daughters have asked her serveral times when she will take them to church. And Maria Julia (who wants to be baptized) had someone at school ask her what her religion was and she said ``I´m mormon.`` and the other little girl asked ``what is that??`` and Maria Julia thought for a moment and then said ``I dont know. But im mormon.`` So Camilia decided its time to come back to church and to help her daughters. We taught them about the Restauration and WOW those little girls literally knew everything. Even though Camilia wasnt going to church anymore, she didnt stop teaching the principles of the Gospel for her daughters... I was super impressed. 

It showed me that Camilia truly has a testimony and that she never lost it even though she passed 5 years without going to church. 

Also this week we had a little meeting with the leaders in our mission and president talked about the importance of LIVING the Gospel as missionaries and not just teaching about it. He told us that when our missions end and we go home, its super hard to stay strong because we are ``back in the world`` and we dont have all the prayers that we are recieving now. He told us that when we go home is when Satan will tempt us the most. He talked about the importance of our DAILY scripture study and the importance of LIVING what we are learning. And that we need to build this habit of scripture study and always study throughout the rest of our lives. 

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