Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines day!!

Happy Valentines day everyone! 

Not much happened since wednesday... heres everything thats happened: 

1: we went to the pharmacy to buy stuff to freeze off warts and while we were there a man gave us free hammock because ``it was heavy`` and he ``didnt wanna carry it anymore`` and the hammock is now owned my me! 
2: I froze a wart off Sister Lopes´ hand 
3: I made a valentines day card for my companion and she accepted to be my valentine and she doesnt even know what that is/means. 
4: Leticia (Maria Julias little sister) told her step dad that she wants him to baptize her when she turns 8 and for that to happen he has to get baptized soon. She also made us ``doughnuts`` 
And that´s all thats happened!! 

Also heres a cool video that talks about good things to come; 

Love you all!! 


-Sis Lloyd

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