Monday, March 7, 2016

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles

SO Sister Lopes and I decided to do something different. Every day
before we leave our house we pray for miracles. and THEY ARE
HAPPENING!! I´ll share some with you guys.

We were making some contacts and we started talking to one guy and
then his mom came over and started talking to us too and then she
started asking a bunch of questions about the mission and about the
church and while we were explaining she just kept gasping and saying
``WOW you guys are sent from God!!`` and her son asked us ``if I wanna
serve a mission do I have to join your church?? cause I wanna serve
too!!`` and we went back to teach them and the mom started telling us
that she is super worried about her salvation and about the salvation
of her family and that she?s started to see things that don?t match up
in her church and she?s been praying to find the church that´ll bring
salvation to her family. IT WAS SO COOL!!

We had a family night with some members at Camilla´s and her husband
participated and the spirit was super strong and he came to church

We contacted an old lady that told us ``if it?s about religion I don?t
wanna know`` so my companion bore her testimony and then the old lady
started telling us about how hard her life is and that she doesn?t
have time for us to visit her, and my comp goes ``do you want a hug?``
and the old lady jumped back and said ``what?!`` and then everyone
started laughing and the old lady basically told us her whole life
story and cried and then goes ``look. you guys better come back here!!
and sorry that I was so rude at first! but come back for reals, okay?!``

The last miracle that I?ll share is that, yesterday after Ward Counsel
Meeting, there was cake!

MIRACLES HAVE NOT STOPPED HAPPENING!! They´re happening all the time,
everyday, all around us. We just need to pray to have the eyes to
recognize them.

That?s all I got for this week!! love you all!!

tchau tchau

-Sis Lloyd

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