Monday, March 21, 2016

Two Important Things

2 things very important happened this week.

First important thing, this week our Stake President and his daughter were doing visits with us and we were going to the furthest neighborhood in our area, BUT president got lost along the way and when he realized where we were he goes ``OH! we´re super close to a family of inactives!! lets visit them!`` so we visited this family and left a super spiritual message then the dad of the family goes ``before you guys got here I was laying here on the hammock thinking. And i decided to pray, i prayed for God to show me how i could protect my family better. then i went inside and not a minute later you guys knocked on the door.`` It was super cool!! President didnt get lost on the roads by accident, the spirit was guiding him to where we needed to go. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SPIRIT!!!! 

Second important thing, theres a lady in our ward that me and Sister Lopes love, and shes a returned missionary- last week she told us about how one day a man stopped her and her comp in the road and asked if he could be baptized, he was keeping all the commandments and they just need to set up the day for him to be baptized. So i told her, ``when i get home from my mission, we´ll go out to lunch and ill tell you that the same thing happened with me, okay?`` (Note: shes moving to Utah in May so the lunch date is an actual possibility.) and she got all excited and told us that she believes this miracle would happen! Not even joking, the very next day Bishop calls us because a man stopped him as he was leaving the church and asked ``What do i need to do to be baptized?!`` this man is one of our ex-investigators, Antonio. We began teaching him in December but by the end of december he had given back his Book of Mormon and told us he didnt want to know any more. SO what happened from then until now?? After he gave back his Book of Mormon, he decided to check out what the internet said about the Mormons.... he saw everything good and bad about the church and saw on the church website an option of ``chat`` and started chatting with the missionaries from Provo. They set up a time to skype with Antonio and started teaching him via skype. After a time of investigating the church he felt a real desire to be baptized and started going to the ward in the center of the city. The elders there passed our Bishops number to him and told him that he needs to be baptized in the ward closest to his house. So he called bishop but bishop wasnt there, and then BY CHANCE, he passes the church right as the bishop came out the door! SO we reviewed all the lessons with him this week and he was baptized Saturday!! Yesterday at church the lady i was talking about at the first asked me ``hey sister Lloyd, did you like the miracle??`` haha it was super cool!! 

Thats all for now :) 

keep believe in miracles!! they are real! 

love you all! 

-Sis Lloyd 

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