Wednesday, December 31, 2014

tchau tchau 2014

CHRISTMAS was awesome!! i got to talk to my family, cried the whole time, but it was awesome!!!! then we had some activities like ping pong, and weird games with ties and then a big group of people played ninja attack or whatever that game is and i was like only sister that was playing... haha it was very difficult in a skirt which is the only reason i didnt win.
on friday we went poselyting.... in the real world!!! well a park.. with homeless people. but still, it was crazy/awesome/scary! sister bunker was talking to this one guy then i realized he was drunk and i got a super sketchy feeling then he grabbed sister bunkers hand and tried to kiss her!! i grabbed her and pulled her away so fast!! but then we talked to this one guy who was really cool and really perceptive and gave him a book of mormon and everything! it was awesome (besides me looking like i took a shower from all the sweat....)
oh and also last week elder bench told me that irmao mello liked my instructor and so before we went proselyting i asked her if she had a boyfriend and she just laughed and was like "i know what you know" and so the next day before class we made her sit in the middle of the room and we could ask her any question about it as long  as it was in portuguese. hahaha but theyre dating and its so cute and elder summers asked about their first kiss and she went bright red. hahaha and it was in front of the CTM when they were leaving work. haha later that night irmao mello came in to help us so me s. bunker, s,robins and s,walker were questioning him too and he remembers EVERY SINGLE date that things happened between them it was so cute! and we helped him plan dates and it was awesome and it was a great way to practice portuguese ;) haha but when we first brought it up to him irmao mello goes "grrr elder bench!" then pretended to shoot himself, but then he was a good sport about it. :)
okay we also do this thing called TRC which is like recorded lessons that we have to go back and watch (its torture) but some of the elders in my district didnt know that we were teaching a memeber and so they were teaching about baptism hahahaha and at one point e. starnes pulls out his preach my gospel to read the baptism invite and e. groom stops him and then asks the member if hes been baptized and he member goes "yeah ive been a member my whole life" hahahaha theyre faces were priceless! haha its the best thing ever.
OH also the other night when i went into my room guess who was shaving their legs in the sink?? MY ROOMMATE! haha and i just pointed and was like "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" and then we laughed and bonded.
then they left on tuesday at 4 am.... and woke me up then i fell back aslleep then later i kinda woke up and thought "hmm... seems like a long time ago that they left..." then i jolted up and grabbed my alarm clock..... 7:40... i basically flew to the light switch and punched it and yelled "SORRY SISTER!! BUT ITS 7:40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" talk about an adreneline rush.
but i felt so refreshed yesterday, it was quite nice.
tchau tchau!

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