Monday, February 9, 2015

a little taste of Brazil... again, and again, and again.

Last week when we were going back to our house, this lady on our street called us over and asked us if we could say a pray with her, so we did, shared a scripture, and the spirit was super strong, so we went back the next couple nights and taught her, her daughter, and her daughters daughter (haha), and they said ``ever since yesterday we´ve been super excited to go to church!`´ so we talked to them about it and about baptism and turns out the one that asked us to pray, tatiani, has A LOT of guilt and she was saying she doesnt feel worthy and all of this stuff so we planned a super awesome lesson about repentence and the atonement and we got the bishops wife to come with us and it was gonna be perfect. THEN honestly 2 minutes before we left our house what happened? i threw up. 

but i knew that this lesson was way to important and its not usual for me only the throw up once (weird fact about me) so i was like ``VAMOS!!!`` and we went and the spirit was super strong and then little sister lloyd leaps up and runs to the investigators bathroom to throw up.... thats definitely one way to get rid of the spirit. haha but they came to church yesterday so im hoping they weren´t too grossed out :) 

then i threw up every. single. hour. during the night. i dont know how because i literally had NOTHING inside of me. but despite that, my body still felt the need to make me throw up 10 times. the good news is, because of this i think i still have a six pack! 

but im all better now. haha all the brazilians in my ward were talking about taking me to the hospital and giving me all these medications and stuff. wow it was crazy but really nice. 

talking about illnesses, i had these weird red dots all over my hands and thought it was bed bugs, but they didnt itch or anything so we asked someone a little smarter than me and turns out it was a rash from petting stray cats... oops. 

okay now for some good stuff >:)

MARCELA. we taught her a super awesome lesson and then asked her how she felt about baptism and such (her original baptism date was in january...) and she said that she just wants to know for sure, without a doubt, that the church is true. and so we explained how the spirit testifies of truth and how that is a for sure answer and asked her to pray specifically. SO we decided to fast for her to know without a doubt and returned later that week and what did she say??............................... shes joining a different church...... uh.... wait.. what?? so we were pretty disappointed and were talking about what the heck just happened and then all of a sudden the talk ``wrong roads`` by Matthew Holland, popped into my head, its about when they were in the Grand Canyon and on the way home they came to a fork in the road and didnt know which road to take so they prayed and BOTH got the impression to go down the road on the left, so they did and soon descovered it was a dead end... and later they were talking about why and he said this, ``Sometimes in response to prayers, the Lord may guide us down what seems to be the wrong road—or at least a road we don't understand—so, in due time, He can get us firmly and without question on the right road.`` and so i told sister pence about it and both of us got chills and so we have GREAT hope!!!!

aaaaaaaannd... thats about all :) 

com amor, 

sis lloyd

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