Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Do you believe in...MIRACLES?

February 23, 2015

Our neighbors are members and the son, Leonardo, was SUPER inactive and
whatnot and his wife and kids lived there with him, WELL about a month ago
his wife left with the kids and so a lot of the members have been helping
him and he´s been coming to church. We had lunch there the other day and
after we ate he went and grabbed all of his scriptures and got everything
prepared for our message and wow… he bore such a strong testimony and
afterwards Sister Pence and I were in disbelief!! He is making the best of
this trial FOR SURE!!! and also last week he saw us in the street and said
``sisters! I have a family for you guys to teach! They're gonna come to
church with me tomorrow!" But they didn't show up, BUT that same week Sister
Pence and I had nothing to do so we hopped on the bus and started making
contacts and Sister Pence made one with a guy who lives pretty close to us,
so during the week we decided to try and find his house. We walked down
this muddy road for a while and there is NO ONE there, and then all of a
sudden we see this little family sitting outside and the little girl sees
us and yells ``OI!!`` so we went over and started talking to them and.. IT

So we taught them and stuff and made an appointment to come back and we
told Leonardo about it and he wanted to come with us so we told him when
and what time, and he called us everyday to make sure he had the right day
and time. haha . Then the day came, and he was waiting out on the street
for us all dressed nice and ready, wow!, it was awesome! But we went to the
families house and the wife was super sick so we couldn't go in so Leonardo
wanted to do what? make contacts! So he made some contacts for us and it
was super sweet!!

AND THEN!! by Saturdays our food gets pretty slim (we basically eat a
banana for breakfast and dinner on Sundays...) and this Saturday for some
reason, we had nothing left to eat. NOTHING! So we went and got some
sandwiches and bread for Sunday and then Sunday night came around and we
ate our piece of bread for dinner and decided we would go to the market for
food early so we could have breakfast and then who calls us?? Leonardo's mom
and says ``come over, I have something for you`` so we walk over to her
house and she said ``I haven't made bread in a long time but I just made
this loaf for you guys...`` and GAVE US A LOAF OF BREAD AND JAM!!!!!!!!!
wow. best neighbors ever. It was seriously a miracle.

Also our goal this week was not to speak ANY English… not even one word! It
was pretty hard and I was quiet most of the week, haha. But now I get my
prize which is a CHARGE BAR! and I'm not going to let ANYONE else eat it :)

During our companionship studies, we practice our lessons and one day we
had one about the Gospel and so what we do is we each read a paragraph in
the pamphlet and then summarize it in 2-3 sentences. So, I read the
paragraph about the gift of the Holy Ghost and I read ``after you are
baptized you will be comfirmed and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. This
means you can always have the Holy Ghost with you.`` and when I finished
reading I learned a new word from the paragraph so I was like
``LEGIT!!!!!!`` and Sister Pence just looked at me super weird and was like
``.... you didn't know about the gift of the Holy Ghost before????`` haha
that was probably a very scary 5 seconds to be a trainer. hahaha but then I
explained why I was excited and we laughed for a while and all was well.

Also I was reading my scriptures this morning (which all of you should do
too.) and I read D&C 33:7,8 and read it for Sister Pence and so now we have
new motivation to work with all our heart, might, mind and strength!! haha
:) :)

That's all.


much love,
Sis Lloyd

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