Monday, February 16, 2015

``if all men were like unto Nephi, i wouldnt know who to marry.``-Sister Pence

My love for Nephi has only grown and i mightve even influced Sister Pence to have that same love. haha we read the book of mormon together in portuguese and half the time it just us going ``wow! nephi is so amazing!`` the usual for me. and we have this big poster on our wall that has a picture of moroni with the scripture around it that says ``if all men were like unto moroni the very gates of hell would be shaken forever`` and sister pence pointed at it and said ``if all men were like unto NEPHI, i wouldnt know who to marry.`` hahaha and so we made a mini poster of it like the moroni one and we listed all of nephis qualities we could think of and now we have a little nephi shrine. and we are determined to find men like nephi. 

speaking of marriage, we did service this week with a member and we were painting her house and then she asked me to restore the holes in the walls and asked me if ive ever done that and i said ``never!`` and then she just handed me the supplies and said ``preparing you for marriage.`` haha it was really funny. 

and also this week we taught this super cool awesome spiritual lesson and at the end we asked the mom, pauliana, to pray and she didnt know how so we taught her how and then she told us about how the night before she had a dream about the end of the world and everyone was praying and she was super nervous because she didnt know how to! and then we came the next day and taught her how to!!!! wow it was so cool! 

and also, with tatiani and franciele (the people whose house i threw up at) we taught them about the word of wisdom and wow they have so much faith!!! yesterday at church franciele told us she had the biggest headache because she decided she wasnt going to drink anymore coffee and then later yesterday evening we visited them and franciele told us after church she made coffee and had a cup of coffee IN HER HAND and then DUMPED IT DOWN THE DRAIN and went to bed instead! WOW!!!! i was so impressed! and tatiani smokes about 20 cigarettes a day and so we asked her what her goal was this week and she said 10 so we were like ``awesome! 10 a day is so amazing!`` and then she said ``no. only 10 this whole week.`` WHAT! they are so strong!! theyve been reading the book of mormon everyday too! everytime sister pence and i leave their house we basically skip to our next appointment and we always say ``I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!`` they are the best!!!! but. we asked franciele to be baptized this week and she said no.. because she wants to know for sure. Ah!! BUT SHES SO READY!!! so that is our next challenge. :) 

OH ALSO this week the sun was behind a cloud and it made this really cool rainbow looking thing and there was a super bright white part and sister pence goes ``you see that really bright part??`` and then she like flinched away and covered her eyes and said ``AH it makes me wanna go to the celestial kingdom!`` hahahaaha i started laughing so hard because that was totally not what i was expecting her to say and with her reaction it was the funniest thing. hahahaha ill attach a photo of the cloud thing 

also we have some really awesome goals for this coming week so stay tuned :) 

tchau tchau!

sis lloyd

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