Monday, February 2, 2015

Sugar, spice and everything nice

first the sugar..... RAAAAINNN!!! WAHOO! it rained everyday. and i think i had goosebumps for a minute. and my clothes got washed again just this time, on me! its a win win! :) and one day it out of nowhere just started dumping and about 5 seconds after we got a call from the elders and so i answered and all he said was ``CHOOOOOOOOOOVA!!!!`` hahaha it was funny. then they came to our appointment with us and we read the book of mormon with this super old super awesome recent convert and his non member son and wow i have never felt the spirit more strong in my life. it was amazing. even if i was soaking wet from the rain. 

now the spice, because of the rain, NO ONE was home.  at least thats what it felt like. so after a couple days of going house to house with no success, we just decided to talk to about 10 kids and we invited them to church. and thats about all that happened the first half of the week. OH and a little boy kicked a soccer ball at my face. haha and we have lunch with members everyday and so one day we were going to the members house and we turned the corner and there she was with her daughter walking to the bus stop...... so we didnt know what to do.. keep walking? go talk to her? but she came up to us and was like ``theres food in the kitchen, just go in!`` so we ate lunch in her house... all alone... it was very very very very awkward. also this week everyones been into telling me when i first went to church they thought i was a young women, or asking ``sister lloyd... how old are you??`` and saying i look 15... which i guess isnt a bad thing really..

and now everything nice, one day this week we made a goal to each get 4 contacts; and then we got on the bus and it went like this : sister pence, lady, me, man. so i just sat there silent, scared out of my wits and awkward and sister pence is killin it with this lady and then all of a sudden this man kinda looks over at sister pence then at me and goes ``you guys are missionaries?`` WOW! MIRACLE! and so i talked to him the best i could and then he was like ``i was a missionary for the catholic church`` and then the conversation died and it was awkwardly silent again... and then sister pence handed the lady a card with our number and the address to the church on it and started inviting her to church and such and then probably a good 5 minutes of silence continued and finally the man turns to me again and goes ``do you have one of those cards?? could i have one??`` so i gave him one and asked for his address and then he said something about children (maybe he gave me his address, i dont know.) and then got off. BUT WOW! seriously what a blessing. 
AND THEN! saturday there was a baptism and we decided it was  top priority for marcela to go. BUT we decided that at 4, and the baptism started at 4:30.... so we speedwalked to marcelas and on the way the bus we would have to take was stopped so we told the bus driver ``PLEASE GIVE US 5 MINUTES!!`` and then SPRINTED to marcelas and..... she wasnt there. so we called her and she was on a walk with her dog but said shed come home and go with us so we go back to the bus stop and wait but then the bus driver had to go so we called everyone in the ward with a car and i kid you not, not a single person answered. and its like 4:40 at this point so we called the elders and they said the baptism hadnt started and that they would wait and then right after that, Carol called back and said she would give us a ride! so we went back to marcelas to wait for her and then carol showed up and still no marcela... so we waited and waited and were like ``okay, she has until 5.`` and then 5 rolled around and no marcela... so we called the elders and told them to begin and then we told carol she could go, so carol starts driving away and we look down the road and at that second WHO TURNS THE CORNER?!?! MARCELA!!! wow i felt like i was in a movie! so she puts her dog away, gets in the car and we´re off! unfortunately we missed the baptism but we gave her a tour of the church so it was still good. 
AND THEN! sunday there was a bus that picked everyone up because it was fast sunday, so we walked around to gather up all our investigators and what happened?? they were all asleep.... so we go to the last person we need to get, a recent convert, daniel, and we turn down his street and what do we see?? THOSE 10 KIDS WALKING DOWN THE STREET ALL READY FOR CHURCH!!! hahaha it was so crazy and so cool. 

haha also something funny, you can tell how long someones been on their mission by how bad their tan lines are, SO sister pence showed us her tan lines and elder william like jumped back and covered his eyes and was like ``AH!! VI UM PILAR DE LUZ!!`` which is the first of Jospeh Smiths First Vision ``i saw a pilar of light`` hahahahaha i was dying. 

that is all. TCHAU TCHAU!

sister lloyd

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