Monday, April 27, 2015

firme forte!!

this week all our plans feel through (the usual) and we didnt know what to do. so we decided to visit Giselle (i dont remember if ive already talked about her or not) and we got there and she was talking to someone so couldnt come out just yet, but her little 5 year old daughter started asking a bunch of questions about missions and there was 2 men standing kinda close and one goes ``wait.. are you guys mormons?? i have your blue bible!!`` so we started talking to them and the one who has our ´´blue bible´´ had to leave so we continued talking to the other one, Anderson, and ended up teaching him and Giselle and it was super awesome!! we gave Anderson a Book of Mormon and everything. 

we went back a couple days later and anderson was out front just chillin and he was like ``i called a friend to come over just now but he couldnt and i almost went inside to take a shower but something told me to stay here for a little longer, then you two showed up!!`` so we taught him some more and he started talking about how happy he feels and how much he loves to hear our messages and that he wants to have the joy we have so we invited him to be baptized on may 9 and he said ``of course ill be baptized!!!`` AND THEN the next day we went there again (they live super close to our house) and giselle was there too, so we taught them both and then we invited giselle to be baptized the same day as anderson (this is probably the 3rd time shes been invited to be baptized since we started teaching her.. haha) and she said ``im still not ready`` and then anderson goes ``GISELLE. youve got two choices here. Gods plan or hell. are ya really gonna sit in the middle?!`` and so she accepted! haha and then we were trying to set a time that day and giselle said she has work until 11am on saturdays and anderson said ``THIS IS YOUR BAPTISM DAY AND YOURE REALLY GONNA WORK?! listen. ill drive to your work and pick you up if i need to!!!`` hahaha it was so funny! but theyre both super excited for their baptisms! 

and so yesterday, we went to pick them up for chuch but giselle had a lot of stuff to do since shes redoing her house so she couldnt come and when our ride got there (a man in our ward) we realized we didnt have another girl to be in the car so we took giselles 5 year old daughter......... remind me never ever to do that again. it was a conference so they didnt have primary or anything so she stayed with us the whole time......... she was pinching my bum, licking my arm, doing headstands, and to top it off- she started patting my belly and then told sister camargo that it looks like i have a baby in there.(obviously the workout plan isnt very effective.) haha but ive definitely earned a lot more respect for anyone who´s ever been or ever will be a mom. 

Oh also!! when we went to pick them up anderson was like ``sorry if you tried to call this morning... i had my phone on my lap friday night and forgot and when i stood up it fell into my cup of beer.`` and under her breath sister camargo said ``yeah well that wouldnt have happened if it was water....`` haha but anyway... we´re teachin about the commandments tonight. 

fica firme. fica feliz. 

tchau tchau!!! 

-Sis Lloyd

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