Monday, April 13, 2015

I think im finally in Brazil..........

3 things happened this week. 

1: my new companion is Sister Camargo! shes super hilarious, super cute and brazilian. she cries when she listens to Glorious by David Archuleta and my brain has pretty much switched over to portuguese with her so the other night she goes ``boa noite... i love you`` and i said ``i love you.... whats that??`` hahaha we got a good laugh. Oh also, another thing about her, ALL of her companions have gotten sick. 

2: i got sick. with a brazilian infection called Dengue. basically i had a super super bad fever and the worst headache ever all week. so we finally went to the doctor and they took my blood (dont worry, i still passed out) and ran all these tests and found out that yeah its dengue........ so im basically supposed to stay in my house until it gets better. haha so if anyone wants a bracelet just let us know, were gettin pretty good at makin em.

3: i got a call from the mission office this week ``Hi sister lloyd! so, the mail system is holding one of your packages hostage. they think it has something in it thats a threat to the government. (muffin mix is pretty threatening stuff!) and they want you to pay 250 reis for it. (about $80)``

 awesome. thanks brazil. 

but other than that everything is perfect and i still love brazil. haha also 3 of the irmãs in our ward gave us chocolate easter eggs (not the tiny ones...... theyre huge.) so we´ll be eating those for the next couple weeks. (another 8 kilos, here i come!!!)

tchau tchau!

-Sis Lloyd

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