Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm healthy!!

Don't worry everyone, I'm healthy and happy again :)

So that means we got to work this week!!! Well, starting on Thursday... haha

On Wednesday we had a conference of all the missionaries in Mato
Grosso do Sul with President Reber. We had the sisters from Dourados
stay in our house Tuesday night (that was crazy) and the conference
started at 9:30 am and we got back to our house at 6;30pm!!!! But WOW
IT WAS AMAZING!!! I learned so many things and got so much
motivation! It was awesome. Also since President Reber is leaving in
June this was the last time he´s gonna see us, so he gave us all an
``exit interview`` so he talked to us about marriage, haha, it was
pretty funny.

Also this week we had lunch with an Irma that lives about an hour from
our house so we started walking there and...............
DOWNPOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! and Sister Camargo's umbrella broke so we were
huddled under mine walking on the side of the road in a downpour,
haha. When we finally got to her house we were SOAKING wet, (the
umbrella didn't work too well with 2 people) but it was super awesome.

And nothing too exciting happened this week since we only left the
house starting Thursday. But here's some scriptures I found this week
that I love!!! st john 16: 22, 33

Love you all, love brazil, love being a missionary.

tchau tchau!!

-sis lloyd

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