Monday, April 6, 2015

more MIRACLES!!!!

This week we were trying to find a Less Active but we turned down the wrong street but made a contact with this man who seemed pretty interested and then we were walking back towards the main road then all of a sudden we hear ``ELDER!!`` and we looked and each other and were like ``..elder?`` then we heard it again ``ELDER!!`` and turned around and this lady was running out of her house towards us and then told us that shes staying there for the week with her uncle and her son (her son lives with the uncle) and she said her son hasnt gone to church since he moved there because he doesnt know where the chapel is and he only speaks spanish (guess i better learn spanish...) and she was talking to her uncle about it 5 minutes earlier and he was like ``well sometimes the elders walk by here so just be on the lookout for them. they can help.`` and then she went outside RIGHT AS WE WALKED BY!!!!!!! there definitely was a reason we went down the wrong road and talked to that guy. if we wouldve walked passed a minute earlier she wouldve missed us!!! The Lord truly does know EVERYTHING!! 

Also this week we had lunch with this lady who told us about the relationships shes been in with men that are controlling and beat her and stuff and so we were thinking about it all day and were talking about what we´d do in that situation and how we´d handle it and what not and then all of a sudden Sister Pence goes ``well it IS possible not to fight and hit each other!! i mean just look at............................................. us..............`` and i just died laughing. hahaha it was so funny and awkward!!! also the only thing Sister Pence has wanted to do before she left was go to a zoo place to take a picture with a bird on her arm and yesterday was her VERY LAST DAY here and we were eating lunch before we went to conference and it was at our ward mission leaders house with his mom and so all of a sudden our ward mission leader walks into where we were eating and what does he have on his finger?? A BIRD!! he found it in the street the day before and just brought it home. hahaha but it was definitely a tender mercy!! haha 

AND CONFERENCE!! was amazing. this is the most excited, the most prepared, the most questions ready, that ive ever been and so we get there aaaaaaand they dont have a way to let me watch it in english....... which was okay! i understood most of it but i have to focus pretty hard on whats being said that i cant really THINK about whats being said. haha but sunday was better since i think my brain was already prepped. but it was so awesome! and so nice to see a little piece of home! :) 

Love you all!! 

fica feliz! 

-Sis Lloyd

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