Wednesday, December 10, 2014

portuguese, portuguese, PORTUGUESE!!!

oi!! i feel like i put my brain in a blender then stuck it back in my head!! haha its insane how much ive learned in a week though! my companion and i had to teach an investigator, in portuguese, our SECOND day here!! we had everything written down including responses to questions we thought he might ask. haha the first lesson we taught was 5 minutes long and we didnt even let him ask questions... we just got up and went "TCHAU!!!" hahaha the next night it was much better except as we were waiting for our investigator, guilherme, some native elders came up and asked if we were going to teach and how long weve been here and so i told them and then showed them how we basically have a script of how the lesson is going to go and the elders were laughing so hard!! it was sad but funny. on monday night we taught guilherme again and we had decided what to teach and hadnt written anything and all of a sudden this lady came in and told sister bunker and i to go teach him... uh... WHAT!!!! NO SCRIPT???! yeah we were praying hard, on the way to guilhermes room we ran into connor and his companion and told them to pray for us too. haha but the lesson actually went really well!! and he asked me about the plan of salvation and we had the little pamphlet booklet thing so i just read the definition from there and then guilherme goes "explain it in your own words." thanks guilherme. but it was a way cool experience.
we have one teacher that comes and checks up on us while were studying and we call her "irma nao feliz" because she just gets mad at us and so elder groom decided he would "declare war" on her next time she came in and he did and it was soooo funny! she loosened up and they were fake fighting and she called him elder fofos (soft\fluffy) and she even cut out cute little christmas pictures for our little tiny district christmas tree that elder fairbanks mom sent with him... hahah its so cute we each made little paper ornaments of the state where we live and it has lights and everything.
my district is way cool!! i love them all!! sometimes they get a little crazy and not focused (the elders of course) and then teachers have to come yell at them and then it just gets crazy. ha but theyre a lot of fun and actually last night one of the elders had a panic attack because everyone around him was speaking portuguese and he couldnt understand them and it really freaked him out but the zone leaders came in and talked to us and reassured us and stuff and then elder starnes (our district leader) gave him a blessing and it was really cool and spiritual!!!
the food all tastest the same.... and they serve two types of meat with every meal.... that sure sounds like the word of wisdom. dad wouldnt survive. haha but they have SUPER good, ripe fruit!! i eat it all day every day. hahaha one day sister bunker and i were taking our trays to the dishwasher people and these elders were pointing at us and talking so we kind of slowed down and then one goes "OH SHE STEPPED ON IT!!" so we started looking near our feet and shifting around and sister bunker STEPPED ON A COCKROACH!! hahahaha it was so gross. ive seen a lot of them too. before devotional the other night there was one on the wall and sister hale (not sure who she is but she just helps around the mtc) just took her shoe off and slapped the heck out of it and then as she puts her shoe back on she goes "not on my watch..." haha it was way funny.
i was called to be the sister training leader in my district!! its not as fancy as it sounds, i just make sure everyones quiet at 10 and have to lock the laundry room at 10. but its good i like it. uuhhhhh yeah thats basically all thats happened this week. this morning we went to the temple and its BEAUTIFUL!!!! and luckily the session was in english! and after this i get to go walk around outside!! im very excited.
okay well talk to you all later! love you all!
sis lloyd

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