Wednesday, December 24, 2014


... in summer... its weird. i dont feel like christmas is tomorrow at all.. haha but anyway! last week my beautiful mother got me a pizza party at mr. cheneys!!! woop woop! and it was american pizza!!! ha my district loved me. and this guy came up and was like "pizza is not allowed in here... who is responsible?" and so naturally s. bunker and i pointed at elder ferries and then the guy got really close to elder ferries and in english goes "im gonna break your freaking neck." haha it was so hilarious. later s. bunker and i ran into that same guy on the street and talked to him for awhile, apparently on his mission he was companions with mr. cheney!! how cooL!
we got new roommates this week and they speak ZERO englihs... which is good cause it pushes us to speak more portuguese but the other day s. bunker was in the shower andd i really really needed to shower (shave my legs haha) and then both of the brazilian roommates told me they were going to shower so i decided just to shave my legs in the sink.... appearently brazilians thnink thats really weird... they both came over and just watched me shave my legs and then they started talking super fast portugues and then just stared at me again so i looked up at them and one of them started sucking on her juice box and started looking around the room... haha yeah they were definitely making fun of me.... also one of their alarms goes off EVERY SINGLE MORNING at 6 and then they dont get up until mine goes off at 6:30.. and we dont know how to ask them polietly why.. haha its awful.
while doing actividade fisica the other day (best part of every day. my volleyball skills are out the roof these days.) a cockroach fell FROM THE CEILING!!!!!!!!!!! ugh i just got the heebie jeebies thinking about it..... alsoo i basically talk about pokemon every day here.... its crazy how many people bring it up.. hahahaha one kid even wore pikachu socks the same day i wore my pokemon shirt... marz would be so proud.
also this week every time e. groom would walk passed s. bunker and i hed whisper "calcao de banho" and wouldnt tell us what it meant and then yesterday he made us each give him two compliments (another moment marz wlould be proud of..) and then he told us... it means swimming trunks...
when we taught jose the other day, we were teaching about the plan of salvation and the atonement and such and then he goes "wait... how can i use the atonement in my life??" and i just got a huge smile and we talked about that and then BATISMO!!!! boom! it was such an awesome experience!
haha funny story, yesterday s. bunker had to run up to our room to grab a tampon so she pulled out our room key and the instructor in the room goes "uh you cant go to your room right now..." and we were like "um no its an emergency!!" and he kept being like "what i dont understand blah blabh" so were trying to explain women problems in portugues and then in english he goes "im kidding. i totally know what youre saying." hahaha it was so embarrassinly funny.
also look up the video "a expiacao e a obra missionaria" its in english im pretty sure... at least it was for us... but its good and i cry my eyes out every time...
sis lloyd

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