Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Okay so my investigator Guilherme is actually my instructor irmao severo... hahahaha and severo means severous in english, like severous snape. we made fun of him for that. but he served in Cuiaba!!! he loved it and told me a story about how him and his companion saw a huge spider and went to take a picture of it and they poked it with a stick and then it unfolded and was twice as big as they thought....... GREAT. whenever i tell someone im going to cuiaba they just say VERY HOT!! and fan themselves. haha and one guy last night told me cuiaba has two temperatures, hot and very hot. at lunch when i told some of the natives where i was serving they started pointing at the black napkin holder and then their skin.... haha tan lines.
i had to go to the bathroom the other day and when i got in there i found out i had my pajama bottoms on under my skirt still... that basically sums up how it is here.... haha jk its actually pretty fun!! weve been teaching two new investigators, beta, and jose. and theyre pretty cool. beta is very very sad and when we were teaching her, about the priesthood and why she needs to be baptized by the right authority, she asked if theyre was a scripture about that and i was actually studying it that morning so i started flipping through and i went to d&c 22 but it was my portuguese scriptures and so i couldnt read anything and i was scared it was wrong so i didnt read it..... and then after i checked in my english scriptures and it was what i was looking for.... i was so mad! but it was a cool to experience the holy ghost working through me! itll be cooler once i can understand portuguese.. haha
Irmao mello told us we have to dear john english... hahaha it was so funny. and irma blancho made us go on a fast from english for 24 hours and that was the quietest 24 hours ive ever lived. but after the fast was over irma blancho was doing a demonstration of teaching an investigator and e. ferries was the investigator and he stood up to fix his pants during it and at the exact moment he did it, the speakers made a fuz sound and it sounded like his pants ripped and he went bright red and sat back down and crossed his legs and the rest of us were trying so hard not to laugh because irma blancho didnt hear it so she had no clue and she just kept teaching but oh my gosh it was so difficult not to laugh and then e. ferries let out a little laugh and irma blancho asked what was wrong and he goes "uh... i think i ripped my pants" hahahahaha i lost it. it was so funny...
also on sunday connor was giving me riddles and he gave me one and i couldnt figure it out and then s. bunker and i went to take a nap (how cool is that) and i was laying there for like 5 minutes and then i jolted up and gasped super loud and s. bunker was like "WHAT!!!" and i just went "THE RIDDLE!!! I KNOW THE ANSWER!!" and boom. i was right. and now connnor is gone and i have no one to give me riddles so now i actually have to focus.. haha jk.
its crazy this is my 3 week here... the days feel so long but the weeks go by fast. its weird.
okay tchau tchau!!! much love

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