Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I made it!!! whew!! what a lonnnnngggg day on airplanes..... also, any cold i tried to bring with me disappeared within the first 5 seconds of landing.... then the sweat began. haha gross. when we got to the MTC elder ross was hanging out the window so that was pretty neat! my companion is sister bunker, the one who's mom came up to us at the airport!! shes super sweet!! both flights i sat by elder summers.... he looks a lot like blake stevenson and sometimes it would really freak me out. when we landed we all got into this super hot van with some man and we drove a very long time to the MTC and lemme tell ya, MOTORCYCALISTS ARE CRAZY HERE!!!!! they just weave in and out of cars!! holy its scary!
i havent seen one of them without a helmet on. one even had a huge picture of Jesus on the back of his helmet... theyre still crazy though. also on the way to the MTC sister Robins asked if i had a bag and i asked why and one of the elders was gonna throw up.. and he did... but luckily someone passed him a bag before he spewed all over the bus floor. So far the MTC has been nice! the one hour ive been here... haha i didnt sleep much on the plane and my whole bum was numb by the end so i had trouble standing up.... hehe
theres about 10 elders to 4 sisters that flew in with me today and all of them are super cool!! and i have an official nametag!!!! with a little blue sticker on it so people know im fresh. after we email, we're going to lunch..... im excited i think. also sao paulo is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and theres huge apartment buildings everywhere!!!!!!!! but theres also a lot of green which i love. (mom would too... haha)
oh and i dont understand anyone...... good thing sister bunker is from utah too!! we both just stare blankly at people when they try to talk to us... hahaha its pretty funny. hopefully we'll learn fast!
thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and kind words for me\us!!
sis lloyd
ps. mom hows indie
pps. for some reason the question mark button doesnt work

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