Monday, March 2, 2015

kermintina, chocolate cake, and more miracles

TRANSFERS!! wahoo!! sister Pence and I both got transfered together to Bandeirantes!! (its like 15 minutes away from our old area.. haha) BUT we are the only missionaries in this area so we have nothing to work with. the elders that were here before us didnt even leave us a map... haha 

but our first day here we got calls all day from people in the ward welcoming us and saying they want to do visits with us and everything! (mostly just the young women since they havent had sisters in the ward for over 2 years) and then the rest of the week we basically just walked around lost and miraculously we found our way to every appointment and lunch!! We definitely had some divine help!! 

so, every day we switch off who´s in charge of answering the phone and stuff and so one day when it was my turn we got a call and it was a referal and hahaha i thought the name of the referal was something super weird like ``kermintina`` so i called this lady and made an appointment for the next day. so we go there and whats her name? Elza. hahahahahaha kermintina??? hahhaha this is why i should never be in charge of the phone. BUT elza lives alone because her husband died 7 years ago and shes still super sad and lonely. she has kids and about 25 grandkids but i dont think they visit her a lot. she just waters her plants and said ``i love to bake but i dont ever have anyone to share it with!`` and then she gave us a chocolate cake!! it was awesome! then she came to church yesterday and i bore my testimony (okay, i TRIED to bear my testimony...) and at the beginning i said ``sorry. i dont talk portuguese very well`` and then when i sat down elza hugged me and said ``you talk portuguese very well my child!`` then when church was over and she was leaving she gave me a big hug and said ``I love you!`` and she loved church and it was awesome! I LOVE KERMINTINA!! hahaha also that night when we were praying, i was saying it and i was asking Heavenly Father to bless and help Elza and when i said her name sister pence and i started laughing and i felt bad but i sure Heavenly Father was chuckling too :) 

also the first day we were here we got a call from a girl,ho is going on a mission in april and she said ``im leaving in april so i have nothing to do so i can do visits with you guys everyday. also i have a baptism for you.`` wow. thank you.. haha so the ``baptism`` she had for us was her sister in law, so we made an appointment with her for 9 in the morning becasue she works in the afternoons until late. so we get there at 9 and start clapping and no one comes........ so we call her name and all the other stuff brazilians do and still nothing.... so we decide to visit some less actives in the same neighborhood and we go there and... nothing. so we decided to sit and read the book of mormon since we were missing our study time and there was no point in walking all the way home and then all the way back for lunch. so we sat down and sister pence asked me to say a prayer so i did and i said ``please help us to know what to do. amen.`` DO DA DOO DODADOLADADO (thats our ringtone) LITERALLY THE SECOND I SAID AMEN OUR PHONE RANG!! it was spooky. and it was the
sister in law of the girl going on a misison and she was like ``SORRY! are you guys still close by?? can you come back??`` so we did and we sit down and she starts telling us everything she knows about our church and then she goes ``but i really want to know about baptism.`` so we taught about that and shes going to get baptised on march 13!! haha it was awesome but we literally didnt do anything!! and then she gave us cake! so it was good. i think i might gain a little weight in this area. haha

also we´ve made it a goal to take at least one picture every day so we´ve got a lot of pictures in our house right before we go to bed. hahaha also when we got to our apartment, there was a room just full of all the clothes and shoes and stuff elders have left behind... so naturally that room smelt awesome. 


sis lloyd

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