Monday, March 9, 2015


since we are both new in this area, we know basically nothing about anyone or where anyone lives or anything. SO we got a list of all the members and went to one neighborhood and started visiting them all and almost ALL of them are inactive so it was really cool. BUT the first couple people we visited basically laughed at us the whole time so we were feeling pretty bad, BUT we´ve been reading the book of mormon together and we had just read about abinadi so we decided ``enough with the cute little happy messages! lets be bold like abinadi!! THIS IS SALVATION!!!`` so our next lesson we didnt beat around the bush at all and we just told her how it is and wow the spirit was SO strong! it was awesome!! 

andddd i dont really remember anything else exciting happening during the week.. just a lot of walking and a lot of rain..... 

BUT theres this lady in our ward, Carmem, that WE LOVE! shes so hilarious and crazy and she gave us a note to pray about this lady, Vivane, to know if we should visit her so we went to her house and all prayed together and felt really good that we should go there so we marked to go there sunday. 

and now for sunday: we got to church all bright and early and looked all nice, we even joked that this was the most we looked liked women our whole missions (since now the chapel is 5 minutes away instead of an hour) and we were sitting there greeting everyone as they came in and bishop comes in and talks to us for a minute then leaves.... then comes back about 2 minutes later and says ``oh sisters, i need two talks for today`` WHAT!!!!!!!!!! so we go sit on the stand and i was completely calm. not one little nerve in my body. and i dont remember anything i said so i hope it was good. hahah THEN we had lunch with some members, Taisa and Moroni, and moroni´s dad, Mario, joined us, and then after we shared a scripture and whatnot and then Mario said ``you know what meninas.. ive been a member for 40 years and its been a long time since i´ve felt the spirit that strongly during a sacrament meeting as i did today during your talks. and i feel that same feeling now.`` so that was really cool and we high fived! AND THEN. we went with Carmem to Vivanes and her husband came out and was whispering and was like ``my wife doesnt want you to visit right now. sorry`` and so we gave him a little card with our number on it and were like ``ah tudo bem! we´ll mark another day!! Tchau!`` and so we went and taught Giselle, who´s SUPER cool and SUPER ready for baptism but still hasnt accepted, but anyway we taught her about the plan of salvation and it was super awesome and after we parted ways with Carmem and then the phone rang... so i answered and didnt understand anything, so i handed it to sister pence and it was Vivane and she went off! She told us that we are ``NEVER welcome to her home and that she already knows everything were going to tell her and that she knows more about our church than we do and that we can be assured that whatever feeling we had to visit her was NOT from God. Tudo bem? tchau.`` and hung up.............. So we decided it was a bad idea to try to be like Abinadi.. haha 

but then last night we were reading the book of mormon again and we read Alma 8:11 and sister pence just says ``vivane.`` and so we read the rest of the chapter and then just sat there for a minute and then looked at each other and said ``we need to go back`` but dont worry! were gonna find a full proof, safe, loving way. and we are confident the Lord is going to soften her heart. :) (and hopefully soften the blow of her punches too. haha jk) 

but then this morning we were walking to the market and it was POURING rain and this car turned down the road we were on and then when he was close to us he sped up and splashed water all over us and we looked at each other and said ``i bet it was vivane...`` hahahaha it was really funny. 

ALSO we were trying to make hot chocolate but it tasted really nasty so i grabbed the sugar and asked sister pence how much we should put in and she said ``just a clump`` so i started pouring it and then the bag like folded weird and DUMPED about half the bag in the pot. hahahahaha but it tasted better :) and it looked like rootbeer. hahaha but it was really funny

thats all. 

tchau tchau :) 

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