Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

This week I ran into a tree branch and almost had a heart attack. Then
after that we were trying to find Eliane's house and we were on the
right road but WAY too far north, so we walked passed these two guys
cutting tree branches and one of them looks at us and says ``doing
visits?`` and so we just say yeah and keep walking, then we realized
we were too high, so we turned around and walked passed these guys
again and the other one yells out ``are you guys looking for Senhor
João?? he´s right here!!!`` then the one that talked to us the first
time ran over to us and just started preaching super animatedly about
fire and how we are the church and that it doesn't matter our religion
because the church of God is in us. It was super strange.

Also, Sister Pence made a goal to not eat sweets for the rest of her
mission. So naturally this becomes my goal too. BUT as soon as we made
this goal, we visited Taynara and what happens?? her husband, Saulo,
gives us each 4 pieces of chocolate cake and a glass of coke, and
Saulo's mom gave us each two candies. So I think our next goal will be
to eat ONLY sweets. haha kidding BECAUSE- I also weighed myself this
week. Bad, bad, BAD idea......... I've gained 8 kilos... which is 16
pounds.......... so we´ve also taken on a new exercise program. haha

BUT also!!! this week we taught this girl, Ketlin, and we taught her
about baptism and the spirit was so so strong and we asked her to be
baptized and she was like ``um...I'll give you an answer on Sunday``
so Sister Pence asked her what her doubts were and she was like
``okay...... if I get baptized... am I gonna have to serve a
mission?? cause I really don't want to.`` hahaha so we assured her
that she doesn't have to and she's getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!
wahoo!!! but also she was taught by Elder Leao (who also taught
Taynara) when he was in this area about a year and a half ago and now
Taynara and Ketlin and both getting baptized. So really missionary
work is about loving people and helping them build their faith and
testimonies in Christ. It's not about baptizing or how many
investigators we can get to church that week. A lot of the people that
we teach probably won't get baptized while I'm here, but at least I'm
planting seeds :)

Thats all :)

tchau tchau

Sis Lloyd

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