Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

TAYNARA WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! It was the greatest day ever. She was so
excited and had us go with her to try on her cute, one size fits all,
baptism jumpsuit and it was super huge and she's super tiny and she
didn't know what to do so Sister Pence rolled up the ends by her feet
and then she asked me to braid her hair and she looked like a little
girl. haha it was so cute. Then during her baptism the spirit was SO
strong and wow, when she came out of the water it felt like the spirit
punched your heart (for lack of a better way to describe it.. hahaha)
and so then we went back into the bathroom to help her change and
everything and she was just sobbing her eyes out and saying she was so
happy. Then later she asked us if this meant we were going to stop
coming to her house to teach her, but I thought she was asking if we
were going to come to her house to eat food so I said ``yeah! I think
so!!`` and her face was horrified so I was like ``wait... what'd you
say??`` hahaha yeah Portuguese is great.....

Also this week we taught one of our investigators, Giselle, and we
talked about faith and baptism and whatnot and then we talked about
cake. and how we made THE BEST cake in the whole entire world but to
know it's the best cake in the world SHE has to try it herself. we
can't force her to eat it, we´re just presenting it to her. Then we
asked her to be baptized and she said ``I don't have enough faith``
and then it was quiet for a minute and I just stopped thinking about
myself and about my Portuguese and I just opened my mouth and started
talking and I'm not really sure what I said but the spirit was super
strong and then Giselle said ``I will eat it`` (talking about the
cake. hahaha) and then we left her house and Sister Pence turned to me
and said ``ummm... WHAT WAS THAT?!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!`` and so now
I'm never ever going to think of myself ever again. because when I do
nothing makes sense. But wow I learned that I am seriously nothing
here and that the spirit really does do all the work!!!

and our other investigator, Eliane, has two daughters that are recent
converts so every lesson with her is so awesome!! and every time we
leave there Sister Pence and I say that they feel like our family and
we could stay there forever!! ah and Eliane said she always gets so
excited when she knows were coming so she always has food for us
(which is a bonus. also the picture I attached of them, you can see a
spill on my shirt from the food she gave us. hahaha)

Also this week for district meeting, our zone leaders taught and the
night before they called us to bring 3 cups and 3 knives, so in the
morning as we were leaving we shut the door and then I turned to
Sister Pence and whispered ``did you get the knives?`` then we started
laughing because it sounded really creepy like we were going to go
kill someone.

and that's about all I can remember from this week...


-Sis Lloyd

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