Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptisms and future revelations

KETTLIN WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! she is so awesome! shes had 8 missionaries pass through and teach her, and was finally ready when we got here! we left her a chapter in the book of mormon and some pamphlets to read so she could think of questions for the next lesson and when we got there the next day she was like ``i dont have any questions but heres what i learned`` then taught the lesson to us. haha it was so cool! but wow there is no better feeling in the world than when someone you love comes out of the waters of baptism. the spirit is so strong at that moment!! and we went into the bathroom after to help her with everything and she came in from the font and was just crying. ah its the best. then the next day her less active neighbor, jorge, came to church with her and he was talking to us and then randomly says ``i really wanna go to the temple. theres some things i have to take care of but i really want to go.`` WHAT!!! it was so cool. kettlin will help him so much!! 

also this week we were walking on the road and then this car drives by and yells ``OI GATINHAS!!!`` (basically, ``hi little foxy girls``) but we couldnt see who it was cause the passenger seat had a tree sticking out the window, but then the car turned into the chakara (kinda like a farm but without the animals... just a lot of land...) that one of the members own so we figured it was her (thankfully) and then she called us and told us to come there so we did and her car was full of trees and grass.... so we layed grass.. in our skirts. haha but i went to put down this one piece of grass and there dog was standing right where it needed to go so i said in the gentlist little voice ``excuse me`` and then the members daughter, morgana, yells ``GET OUT OF HERE!!!!`` at the dog and then we all started laughing. hahaha

then we taught this member and her less active husband about how they need to put God first and stuff and we turned from missionaries to marriage counselors in about .5 seconds. they started yelling at each other and she was crying and he was laughing and wow. it was such an awkward situation. but we drew them a cute little picture and told them to talk with love and it got a little tiny bit better. so when we got home sister pence and i started writing down everything we learned and everything we dont want to happen with our future relationships!! but they were both at church yesterday and his arm was around her so thats a good sign :) 

also this week we taught this lady that lives with her sons family and theyre all members, so we taught her about the restauration and she has SO MANY doubts and questions and we were there for 2 hours and then finally it all clicked and she said ``does this mean my church isnt right??`` ah the spirit was so strong and it was such a good lesson!! she told us about when her son joined to church she prayed for his salvation and basically asked that he would be a member of the church that would guarentee his salvation and then she said ``and to this day hes still a member of your church.``

thats all :)

-sis lloyd  

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