Monday, November 16, 2015

Cuts and Laughs

This week I had a division with... SISTER FERNANDES!!! ahhh it was
super fun!! We laughed the whole day and she told me about the things
that happened in Bandeirantes after I was transferred and it was
awesome! Also this week there was a meeting in our Chapel with all the
members in Campo Grande and we went and I saw a bunch of my good
friends from Bandeirantes! It feels like I came home to good friends.

But on the other hand, this week we cut all but one of our
investigators because no one wants to progress. Just Crislaine. She is
18 and the daughter in law of members. She?s super hilarious and is
already strong in the church!! This next week were gonna work close
around her house and get a new pool of investigators in that
neighborhood... it?ll be super good!! so I don?t really have any
stories to tell.....

OH yes I do! hahaha Tuesday was a bad luck day for sister Jordan...
right after lunch we were walking to our next appointment and there
was a flower on a tree so she jumped up to grab it, missed it, and
when she came down the level of the sidewalk was different and she
fell and it was pretty funny (she didn?t get hurt, just a little scrap
on the knee so it was okay that I laughed.) then a little later we
went to a members house to see if he could visit an old lady to give
her a blessing and while sister Jordan was talking to him her skirt
got caught up in the fan and broke the fan! Then to top it all off we
had Family Night with Crislaine and invited a recent convert, Marlene,
and after the message sister Jordan was pouring juice for everyone and
when she was pouring it for Marlene she spilled it all over Marlene?s
hands. hahaha I was laughing the whole day long.

``Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy.``

Don?t take life too seriously. Laughing is healthy!

Thanks for all the support! love you all!!!

-Sis Lloyd

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