Monday, November 30, 2015


This week we are working a lot with the Elders Quorum in re-activating
the ``perspective elders``
So we started visiting them and we went to one house and talked to his
mom, Jovanice, and she?s amazing!! She hasn?t been going to church for
over a year because she got offended with some things and she NEVER
receives visits... it was a miracle that she let us in!

Anyway, we visited her about 3 times this week and we already have a
special bond with her and yesterday when we got to church we were
walking to sit down when I heard ``PSST!!`` and I turned around and
there was Jovanice with her son and his girlfriend! It was such a good
feeling to see them at church!! Something that I have learned on my
mission is a lot about love. We can´t force anyone to do anything. But
we can help them feel the love God has for them and the love WE have
for them and they will feel a desire to do what is right and to do it
for the right reasons.

I don?t really have much more to say.. that was the only experience
that really stood out this week.


-Sis Lloyd

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