Monday, November 9, 2015

``Family Of Gold``

The beginning of the week it was still raining a ton and still super fun. On Thursday we decided to knock doors and got the usual response from everyone: ``im busy right now but you can come back another day, okay??`` we were almost giving up when we turned onto one road and looked at my companions and said ``our golden family lives on this road.`` and we saw a house that had clothes on the clothes-line of a mom, a dad and children so i got super excited and and we knocked there. All of us were anxious to see if this family would accept our visit. 
 All of a sudden a little girls head popped up in the window and she got super happy and then yelled ``ITS THE SISTERS!!!!!`` i tuned and whispered to Sister Jordan ``how does she know who we are???`` then Sister Jordans eyes got huge and she said ``i just realized this is the bishops sons house.`` hahaha it was super funny. 

As a missionary i´ve been learning the importance of not wasting time. Every minute of our lives is important and how we use each minute will determine the type of person we are becoming and the eternity we are choosing. Theres a quote i like a lot that says 

``Try not to waste your time here
not when there are so many others
who would trade so much 
for an extra minute, an extra second
of what you have been given.
So many strangers you are never going to know
living lives you could hardly understand.
So many people sitting at the window,
looking for a hand to clasp
as everything slows to a crawl
and wondering what it would have been like 
if they could have done it all differently.
Try and remember that is moves
whether you want it to or not,
It moves quicker than you can see, 
it moves quietly, and definitely until one day, 
every last one of these moments is gone.
So from me to you
right here and right now
one human being to another
on behalf of the sick,
the less fortunate,
the wishers for great and impossible pasts,
I implore you to please try 
please try and make the most of it all.``
- Dallas Clayton

Thats all :) 

love you all!!! 


-Sis Lloyd 

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